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GF620 Gas Imaging Camera (14.5° Fixed Lens)

The Flir GF620 Optical Gas Imaging Camera designed to detect methane, propane, plus many other hydrocarbons & VOCs. With 640 x 480/307,200 pixel sensor it can measure temperature up to 350°C (662°F).

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The Flir GF620 Gas Imaging Camera - The Next Generation in OGI Technology

Key Features:

  • 640 x 480/307,200 pixel sensor for improved gas detection from a distance
  • Eliminate guesswork by pinpointing the exact sources of hydrocarbon & VOC leaks
  • Quantify gas loss easily with QPGI mode and the optical QL320 system
  • Safer Inspections
  • Temperature calibrated - Ensure optimal contrast between gases and the background
  • Measure Temperature up to 350°C (662°F)
  • Avoid downtime from catastrophic repair by check equipment for hot spots

Oil and gas producers need a fast and effective way to detect small leaks and get them repaired.  That‘s why Flir made its trusted optical gas imaging technology even better - the GF620 the first high-resolution optical gas imaging camera from Flir.  This innovative technology visualises more than 400 different gas compounds including methane, propane and many other hydrocarbons and VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).  The GF620 offers a 640 by 480 detector, that‘s four times the pixels of previous models.  More pixels means the GF620 can produce crisp imagery for easier recognition of small leaks.  It also allows you to survey for gas plumes from a safe distance whether the components are in hazardous areas or just hard to reach.  Like of all of Flir‘s methane sighting cameras it offers superior gas visualisation because it’s calibrated to measure temperature, this means you can assess thermal contrast during leak inspections and ensure you have the optimal temperature between the gas leak and the background.

Increase leak detectability five-fold with Flir’s unique high sensitivity mode which accentuates plume movement with image subtraction techniques.  It‘s also the first Flir camera to offer pre-set quantification mode for immediate post-processing through the optional QL320 system.  With this software you can measure mass and volumetric leak rates even on fugitive emissions that are difficult to reach.

The GF620 has ergonomic features such as the tiltable eyepiece, articulating LCD screen and rotating hand-grip so you can survey comfortable all day long.  


Technical Specification for: FLIR GF620 Gas Imaging Camera (14.5° Fixed Lens)

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