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The unique EZYPAT PLUS PAT Tester adds the ability to conduct 230 volts or 110 volt run tests for touch leakage & earth leakage measurements to cover all testing scenarios.

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20 x KEWSNAP2 - Snap Tags with Clips

20 x KEWSNAP2 - Snap Tags with Clips


Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS PAT Tester

EZYPAT PLUS has been designed to make testing as efficient and user-friendly as possible; a battery operated tester with a large easy-to-read display showing a clear green for PASS and red for FAIL. Benefitting from a light, ergonomic design, our testers also work in conjunction with KEWPAT our free PAT testing App, which enables fast documentation including test results. And of course compliant to the latest code of practice, 5th Edition.

The EZYPAT PLUS is an advanced manual tester which allows for 230V and 110V run leakage tests, a unique feature in the market of battery powered testers to the EZYPAT PLUS and SMARTPAT.

This lightweight battery-operated tester has automatic test sequences designed to make PAT testing simpler and more efficient allowing you to get through your workload faster.

The EZYPAT PLUS is an easy-to-use tester which displays a flashing green screen to indicate a pass and a red screen to indicate a fail.  As well as running a Class 1 or Class 2 appliance test, the EZYPAT plus offers tests on extension leads and has a simple facility to null your test leads.

Performing a run test checks for correct working of the appliance and highlights any excessive leakage to earth. Having this 110V run leakage facility, the EZYPAT PLUS is the ideal tester for any construction site testing.


Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS Key Features:

  • 110V and 230 V run leakage test (additional feature to the EZYPAT)
  • Easy to use with large easy-to-read display with back light
  • Light and ergonomic shape
  • Automatic test sequences
  • IT safe with 200mA earth test 250V insulation option
  • Battery operated (approx. 1400 tests/battery)
  • PASS / FAIL green /red screens
  • Run / Leakage at supply voltage (230V or 110V)
  • Performs Earth bond at 200mA (IT safe)
  • Appliance status pre-check
  • Quick check and 5 second continuity
  • 250 V and 500 V insulation
  • Substitute leakage test
  • Selectable substitute leakage limits
  • Extension lead test
  • Test lead nulling


Kewtech clear Green for PASS, Red for FAIL PAT Screens


What comes with the Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS:

  • Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS PAT Tester
  • Extension lead adapter (EZYLEAD)
  • Earth continuity test lead with probe and croc clip (EZYEARTH)
  • Mains Lead (EZYMAIN)
  • Carry bag with strap


SmartPAT Contents



▶ Kewtech PAT Testers:

Thumbnail for the Kewtech PAT Testers video


The other PAT Testers from the Kewtech PAT range:

Kewtech EZYPAT: Great for low risk environments, like offices. Conducts automatic sequences for Class I, Class II and extension leads. It has an earth lead null facility for accuracy of the earth bond measurement and enables you to use any test lead.

Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS: In addition to the EZYPAT features the EZYPAT PLUS can also conduct a run leakage test, essential when you cannot undertake an insulation test, for instance, when the equipment has an electronic switch. It undertakes both 110V and 230V run / leakage tests.

SMARTPAT: In addition to the EZYPAT PLUS feature set, the SMARTPAT tests portable RCDs and can be controlled manually or remotely by the KEWPAT APP - making it the ultimate downloading PAT tester!


Comparison Chart for: Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS PAT Tester

Battery operated
Auto test sequences
PASS / FAIL - green / red screens
Appliance status pre-check
Fast continuity check
Extended 5 second continuity test
250V insulation test
500V insulation test
Substitute leakage test
Extension lead test
Test lead nulling
Back light
110V run / leakage test
230V run / leakage test
Portable RCD test 10mA and 30mA
Remote control via KEWPAT APP