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The SMARTPAT, together with the KEWPAT APP covers the functionality of a traditional downloading PAT tester & more. Easy to use with its automatic test sequences (standard or make your own) & large easy to read display.

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110V Supply Lead for EZYPAT Plus & SMARTPAT Testers. A yellow BS4343 plug connected to standard IEC connector.

110V Supply Lead for EZYPAT Plus & SMARTPAT Testers. A yellow BS4343 plug connected to standard IEC connector.


Kewtech SMARTPAT Advanced PAT Tester

Designed for maximum efficiency, ease of use and meets the exact requirements of the IET code of practice.

SMARTPAT offers enhanced functionality, including portable RCD tests; perfect for PAT Professionals and Facilities Management Staff.


Kewtech SMARTPAT Key Features:

  • Portable RCD test 10mA and 30mA (additional feature to the EZYPAT PLUS)
  • Remote control via KEWPAT APP (additional feature to the EZYPAT PLUS)
  • Easy to use with large easy-to-read display with back light
  • Battery operated - approx. 1400 tests
  • Automatic test sequences
  • Appliance status pre-check
  • PASS / FAIL green / red screens
  • Quick check and 5 second continuity
  • 250V and 500V Insulation
  • Substitute leakage test
  • 110V and 230V run test
  • Extension lead test
  • Test lead nulling
  • Customisable auto tests with the KEWPAT APP

Kewtech clear Green for PASS, Red for FAIL PAT Screens


Together with the KEWPAT APP it covers all the functionality and more of a traditional downloading PAT Tester. KEWPAT is a free APP which can be used to control the SMARTPAT remotely using the your smartphone‘s intelligence to provide the ultimate solution covering all six PAT Testing elements: data collection, risk assessment, visual inspection, PAT testing, product register, re-test diary and labelling; making all products you are testing easy to deal with, appliances with long or short leads, appliances that need multiple earth tests, or those that require longer run tests for full operation.  Achieve around 1,400 tests on one set of batteries, plus you‘ll have all the necessary leads to start testing straight away!


Kewtech KEWPAT App



Data collection: Provides a very fast solution for logging your testing. Special drop down menus on the APP ensures quick appliance documentation enabling you to add basic information such as appliance and location, or more detailed logging such as make, model, serial number and special comments as well.

Testing: The APP controls the tester so you can use the standard auto-tests or make up your own. The test results are automatically included in the appliance record.

Risk assessment: All appliances need a risk assessment. The APP has a risk assessment function that is designed to be optionally engaged during each test if required, leading to desired frequency of re-test.

Cable resistance: Class I equipment has a variable pass limit dependent on the length of the mains lead. There is a simple cable calculator on the APP that can be easily engaged during testing.

Extra functionality: The APP makes full use of your mobile device as it can take pictures, scan barcodes / QR codes and it can also give you voice prompts.



▶ Kewtech PAT Testers:

Thumbnail for the Kewtech PAT Testers video:</strong></h2>


What comes with the Kewtech SMARTPAT?

  • Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester
  • EZYLEAD Extension Lead Adapter
  • EZYEARTH Earth Continuity Test Lead with Probe and Crocodile Clip
  • EZYMAIN Mains Lead
  • Carry Bag with Strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • End of Line Calibration Certificate


SmartPAT Contents



The other PAT Testers from the Kewtech PAT range:

Kewtech EZYPAT: Great for low risk environments, like offices. Conducts automatic sequences for Class I, Class II and extension leads. It has an earth lead null facility for accuracy of the earth bond measurement and enables you to use any test lead.

Kewtech EZYPAT PLUSIn addition to the EZYPAT features the EZYPAT PLUS can also conduct a run leakage test, essential when you cannot undertake an insulation test, for instance, when the equipment has an electronic switch. It undertakes both 110V and 230V run / leakage tests.

SMARTPAT: In addition to the EZYPAT PLUS feature set, the SMARTPAT tests portable RCDs and can be controlled manually or remotely by the KEWPAT APP - making it the ultimate downloading PAT tester!


Comparison Chart for: Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester

Battery operated
Auto test sequences
PASS / FAIL - green / red screens
Appliance status pre-check
Fast continuity check
Extended 5 second continuity test
250V insulation test
500V insulation test
Substitute leakage test
Extension lead test
Test lead nulling
Back light
110V run / leakage test
230V run / leakage test
Portable RCD test 10mA and 30mA
Remote control via KEWPAT APP