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PAT150 PAT Tester

Megger PAT150 PAT Tester offers full functionality. Portable RCD (PRCDs) testing at 10 mA & 30 mA, separate tests for continuity, insulation, mains powered leakage testing & SELV measurements using the quick test (QT) button, & can be used for testing fixed appliances.

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1038.00 incl. VAT)
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Megger PAT150 PAT Tester With Full Functionality

A really tough bit of kit supplied in a protective case which will occupy minimal space.

The Megger PAT150 offers the functionality of testers that are almost twice the price. They will test both 10 mA and 30 mA portable RCDs as well as Class I, Class II and extension leads and power cords.

Surge protected devices and IT equipment are safe-guarded by insulation testing at 250 V and leakage testing at 40 V. The quick test function allows individual testing of continuity, insulation and mains powered leakage tests as well as checking the output of SELV circuits. Performing a mains powered differential leakage test has the benefit that the equipment will function during the test sequence.

The mains supply can be checked for voltage and for socket polarity by the PAT150s. You can configure the test durations and pass limits to suit your applications, and the bond lead resistance can be nulled out to reduce measurement errors.

The PAT150 is powered by standard 1.5 V AA cells while the PAT150R incorporates internal charging NiMH cells.

▶ Video: Megger PAT150 Manual PAT Tester

Video thumbnail for the Megger PAT120 Manual PAT Tester

Megger PAT150 Key Features:

  • Simple tick or cross, pass or fail indication plus measurement
  • Safe 250 V insulation and leakage test for surge-protected and IT equipment
  • Test portable and fixed electrical equipment
  • Leakage testing uses a “Substitute Leakage” also known as the “Alternative” method to remove the need for a mains supply during test
  • 10 mA and 30 mA portable RCD lead testing
  • Adjustable PASS test limits and mains powered leakage testing
  • Tough, rubber armour with built-in front cover and hardened scratch-proof display
  • Test groups available for Class I, Class II and Extension/Power leads
  • Fixed PASS limits
  • Insulation testing at 500 V (default) or 250 V can be selected at the start of the test
  • Separate tests for continuity, insulation, mains powered leakage testing and SELV measurements can be made using the Quick Test (QT) button
  • Test group pass limits and test duration can be configured by the user
  • Bond lead resistance can be nulled to reduce measurement errors
  • Live circuit measurement is available for testing the mains supply and socket polarity or electrical circuit voltage to 300 V ac


What is the difference with the Megger PAT150 and PAT150R?

  • The PAT150 is powered by standard 1.5 V AA cells while the, the PAT150R incorporates internal charging NiMH cells.

What comes with the Megger PAT150?

  • Megger PAT150 PAT Tester
  • Continuity/Earth Bond Lead
  • SELV/Mains Voltage Test Lead
  • Extension Lead Adapter
  • Mains Plug Test Lead
  • Carry Case

Extra with the Megger PAT150R AC charger adaptor


Comparison Chart for: Megger PAT150 PAT Tester

Connector Interfaces
Mains test socketBS1363BS1363BS1363
Power supply
AA alkaline/NiMH
Rechargeable (PAT150R)
Protective Earth Resistance
250 V insulation
500 V insulation
Cable test
Live protective conductor current
Live touch current
Substitute leakage
Functional test (part of Live leakage test)
10 mA PRCD
30 mA PRCD
SELV voltage
Lead resistance nulling
Function keys
Class 1
Class 2
Single test
LCD Backlight
Standard accessories
4mm plug lead probe + croc clip122
Extension lead adaptorBS1363BS1363BS1363
AC charger adaptor
Mains supply cord
Carry case
FREE calibration certificate


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1000-971 Roll of 1000 PASS Test Labels £35.00 ADD
1001-233 Continuity / Earth Bond lead + Probe (Black) £47.00 ADD
1001-234 Extension Lead Adaptor 230V UK 13A £25.00 ADD
1001-299 PAT Test Certificate Book £37.00 ADD
1003-436 Battery Charger Kit 15V £69.00 ADD
1005-075 Carry Case PAT100 Series £37.00 ADD
1005-076 Carry Strap £17.00 ADD
1005-077 SELV Test Lead £43.00 ADD
1005-739 PAT 100 Starter Acccessory Kit £95.00 ADD
6231-601 UK Mains Plug Leadset £24.00 ADD