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PrimeTest 250+ PAT Tester

Seaward PrimeTest 250+ Pat Tester, with datalogger program as standard, offers fast & efficient electrical safety testing with label printing & data storage.

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Seaward PrimeTest 250+ Pat Tester with Seaward datalogger program as standard

5th Edition compliant and one of the smallest PAT testers on the market!

An excellent value, simple-to-use PAT Tester with a comprehensive array of tests, data storage and label printing features.
The PrimeTest 250+ offers fast and efficient electrical safety testing with label printing and data storage.
Allowing simple, professional and fast PAT testing, this flexible tester features all of the required tests of the IET 5th Edition Code of Practice along with USB download. It is also fully compatible with the new ‘Test n Tag‘ Pro serial printer for quick and easy label printing – no setup is needed, simply plug and print.


PrimeTest 250+ Key Features

  • Very easy to use
  • Plug and print - easy label printing with no setup
  • Date stamped results for full traceability
  • Single key save
  • Single key download
  • Download software included
  • Store 999 appliance records
  • Industry standard download format
  • Comprehensive range of electrical tests


PrimeTest 250+ Tests:

  • Low current earth continuity test guaranteeing accurate measurement
  • Insulation resistance at 250/500V
  • IEC lead test
  • Protective conductor current
  • Touch current
  • 3 Phase leakage current (requires adaptor)
  • Alternative leakage current
  • RCD test (30mA/150mA)
  • Power socket test
  • Test for Class 1 equipment with no exposed parts and a Class 2 FE test sequence to coincide with the new equipment class included in the 5th Edition

Where the number (and variety) of appliances increases, the Primetest 250+ provides a wider range of tests (mains leakage tests, reduced voltage insulation resistance test, 3-phase leakage, RCD test), the means to record results and to print labels.


Our Expert Says -

The ability to run a 250V insulation resistance test is a real bonus on the Primetest 250+ for surge protected devices and IT equipment.  Has a useful warning of the test voltage on the Insulation Resistance test. Well worth spending that little bit more for its enhanced capabilities when compared to the Primetest 100.


▶ Video: Features and differences of the 250 & 250 Plus:

Thumbnail for Seaward non-downloading PAT Tester Video

What comes with the Seaward 250+?

  • Seaward Prime Test 250+ PAT Tester
  • Datalogger software
  • 0.5m extension adaptor
  • Earth lead with probe and clip
  • Mains lead
  • 6 x AA batteries
  • USB download lead
  • Carry case
  • Operating instructions



Seaward 250+ in more detail:

A Seaward datalogger program comes as standard

This combined with single key download feature allows measurement data to be quickly and easily transferred from the PrimeTest 250+ to your laptop or computer by simply pressing a button; whilst all records are stamped for complete traceability.

Info is downloaded in CSV format and can be accessed by a wide range software packages or alternatively brought in directly into PATGuard 3 Elite for truly professional certificates and reports.

As with all Seaward battery powered PAT testers, accurate earth continuity tests are a given thanks to the unique ‘zap circuit‘ design.


Fast, simple PAT Tests - Seaward‘s press to test technology!

The PrimeTest 250+ is incredibly simple to grasp. Its lightweight, small size along with battery power means it’s extremely portable.  The PrimeTest 250+ offers a comprehensive suite of fast and accurate electrical safety tests to permit almost any workplace appliance to be tested, including accurate and reliable earth continuity tests, three-phase appliances and Residual Recent Devices.


Plug and Print

The PrimeTest 250+ can be used with the new ‘Test n Tag‘  Pro serial printer to further accelerate process of testing and labelling and labelling.

The ‘Test n Tag‘ Pro label rolls provide over 400 high-quality labels enabling you to produce professional, low cost inspection and test labels – all at the push of a button!


Simple data management

PrimeTest 250+ has an internal memory space able to store up to 999 appliance test records.
Transfer data via a USB cable directly to your computer using data logger software supplied.
The data downloads in the industry standard CSV format and can be imported directly into spreadsheets or other applications.
Intended for those requiring professional certificates and reports, as well as complete data traceability and integrity, the downloaded data is also fully compatible with Seaward‘s PATGuard 3 Elite software; which allows complete test records to be easily managed on a PC - offering total peace of mind!


Accurate and reliable earth continuity testing

Some test instruments struggle to provide accurate and steady earth continuity readings but thanks to the unique ‘zap circuit‘ from Seaward, erratic earth continuity, on those difficult to test appliances, are a thing of the past.

Simply clip as well as press to test.  No more pressing or scraping with test probes or clips on chrome plated kitchen appliances attempting to obtain a satisfactory reading.


Seaward PrimeTest 250+ Kit Options

PrimeTest 250+ Pro Kit includes these extra items:

  • Test n Tag Pro printer (serial model)
  • 4 x Test n Tag printer label rolls
  • PrimeTest checkbox
  • PATBag carry case

The PrimeTest 250+ PAT Tester Pro Kit


Comparison Chart for: Seaward PrimeTest 250+ PAT Tester

Primetest 50Primetest 100Primetest 250+
General Features
On-board memory999 records
Scanner and Printer CompatiblePrinter only (PATMobile app)Printer only (PATMobile app)Printer only
Electrical Test Functions
Accurate Earth Continuity circuit
Mains Supply check
IEC Lead test
Earth continuity200mA200mA200mA
Insulation Resistance500V500V250V/500V
Earth Leakage230V only
Touch Current230V only
Alternative substitute leakage
RCD Test
3 phase leakageRequires adapter
Data Transfer Features
USB download
PC download/uploadDownload only
Remote data transfer via mobile deviceManual entry (PATMobile app)Manual entry (PATMobile app)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
209A910 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Delta 4 Pin 16A 415V £76.00 ADD
209A911 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Star 5 Pin 16A 415V £76.00 ADD
209A912 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Delta 4 Pin 32A 415V £76.00 ADD
209A913 3 Phase Adaptors SW3 Star 5 Pin 32A 415V £76.00 ADD
227A910 PAT Checkbox £290.00 ADD
270A076 230/110V Adaptor £32.00 ADD
270A076 Seaward 110V / 230V Adaptor (270A076) £32.00 ADD
300A002 0.5m Extension Adaptor £21.00 ADD
305A950 Earth Lead (Probe & Clip) £30.00 ADD
339A933 accessory Test n Tag Pro Serial Printer £442.00 ADD
372A953 RCD Adaptor £128.00 ADD
391A910 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor 5 Star 32A £252.00 ADD
391A920 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor 5 Star 16A £252.00 ADD
44B141 16A Mains Lead £31.00 ADD
71G082 Primetest Carry Case £32.00 ADD
91B038 Pass Labels - 500 off £49.00 ADD
91B311 Fail Labels - 500 off £49.00 ADD