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PSI4000 Phase Rotation Tester

Martindale PSI4000 Phase Rotation Tester - A non-contact phase rotation indicator that uses bright LEDs positioned to emulate a rotating disc type indicator.

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Martindale PSI4000 Phase Rotation Tester

When it comes to verifying the phase sequence or rotation of three phase circuits Martindale have a number of solutions, and by far the best solutions from a safety point of view are the battery-operated PSI4000 and PSI4300.  These are known as non-contact testers because the insulated clips work by induction and can take a reading through the insulation of each phase conductor so reducing the risk of coming into contact with live parts.

(PSI4000 carries out measurements via colour-coded inductive CT’s, as opposed to probes or croc clips providing the safest way to conduct a phase sequence check) 

Simply connect the high-quality colour-coded clips in the L1, L2 and L3 order, turn the instrument on and a buzzer provides an audio indication of correct sequence.

Martindale PSI4000 provides a correct indication for a clockwise sequence as used in the building facilities industry.

Bright LEDs show the direction of sequence plus whether each line conductor has a voltage between 75 and 1000 Volts AC, at 45 to 65 Hz.  There is also a button to activate enhanced LED brightness!  The increased safety design of this phase rotation tester allows for use on both insulated and non-insulated conductors with a buzzer and bright LEDs giving a clear indication of phase rotation. Green LEDs indicate correct rotation while Red LEDs indicate incorrect rotation.

▶ Martindale Phase Rotation Testers:

Martindale PSI4000 Key Features:

  • Non-contact connection for improved safety and ease of use
  • Works on both insulated and uninsulated conductors
  • Bright LED and buzzer indication of live phases and sequence
  • Positive green LED indication for clockwise rotation
  • High-quality colour-coded CT’s


What comes with the Martindale PSI4000?

  • Martindale PSI4000 Phase Rotation Tester
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • Soft carry case
  • Manual



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Carry Case
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Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
MARTC68 Case for the PSI4000 £21.00 ADD