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MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester

Megger Baker MTR105 hand-held static motor tester designed to perform multifunctional tests on motors. A dedicated static motor tester with Megger’s tried & trusted testing capabilities in an all-in-one device, at an affordable price.

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Introducing the new Megger Baker MTR105 hand-held static motor tester is designed for performing multifunctional tests on motors.

All in one device and at an affordable price.

The MTR105 is a dedicated Static Motor Tester with Megger’s tried and trusted suite of insulation resistance tests (IR), plus all the great traditional features and reliability of Megger’s testers.

The MTR105 takes the test abilities of Megger’s proven IR test instruments adding DLRO four wire Kelvin low resistance test, inductance and capacitance tests to provide a versatile motor tester, all packaged in a robust hand held instrument, which up to now has simply not been available.

Additionally the MTR105 incorporates temperature measurement and compensation (for IR tests), motor direction of rotation plus supply phase rotation tests.

These new test abilities make the MTR105 a real world, versatile, hand held motor test instrument.

The MTR105 comes in an over-moulded case, providing increased protection and robustness, achieving an IP54 weatherproof rating.

Key Features:

  • Insulation resistance tester
  • DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter)
  • Voltmeter
  • Motor rotation tester
  • LCR meter
  • Low resistance ohmmeter
  • Temperature measurement (Temperature conpensation IR)
  • CATIII 600 V (Operating altitude up to 3000m)
  • 3 phase connection (IR)
  • Environmental protection and Safety Ratings
  • Guard terminal functionality
  • Detachable test leads
  • Robust case
  • Revolutionary design and performace
  • High definition colour display
  • USB storage

The MTR105 is IP54 rated which makes it capable of providing protection against moisture and dust ingress, including the battery and fuse compartment and also, it is a CAT III rated 600 V (up to 3000 m) which makes it safe to use.


  • Production tests for new manufactured motors and generators.
  • Test repaired and refurbished motors and generators.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of in service motors (off line) in the field.

Typical Industries:

  • Utilities: Electrical power generation, water, oil / gas.
  • Industrial: Production line / factory maintenance teams, HVAC field engineers.
  • OEM: Motors / generators.nService: Motor repair workshops.
  • Transport: Rail, electric vehicles, marine, etc.

See tha data sheet for more details on the following tests.
Insulation resistance tests, Voltmeter, Continuity (resistance) Tests, Motor direction of test, Inductance, capacitance and resistance meter (LCR), Temperature


Technical Specification for: Megger MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester

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