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417 Vane Anemometer

The Testo 417 Vane Anemometer & associated kits to measure flow velocity, volume flow & temperature with kits for swirl outlets, ventilation grills & poppet valves.

Part Number:
0563 0417

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Testo 417 Vane Anemometer

Testo‘s Digital 100 mm Vane Anemometer with App Connection and Kit Options!

Testo 417 is a compact, large-area anemometer with a built-in flow velocity / temperature vane. It measures flow velocity, volume flow and temperature. Thanks to the integrated measurement with the 100 mm vane, it is ideally suited for measurements at air input and output vents. The flow direction, i.e. blowing or sucking flow, is visible in the display. The optimum funnel set additionally allows measurements on ventilation grilles and disc outlets.

The volume flow is directly shown in the display. For the purposes of volume flow calculation, the duct area can be easily entered into the testo 417. In addition to this, the instrument can be switched over to display the current temperature.

Timed and point mean value calculation provide information on the average volume flow, flow velocity and temperature measurement value. The Hold function allows the current measurement value to be frozen in the display, min./max. values are also displayed at the press of a button.


Testo 417 Key Features:

  • Measurement of flow velocity, volume flow and temperature
  • Recognition of flow direction
  • Point and timed mean value calculation
  • Max./min. values
  • Hold button for freezing measurement value
  • Display illumination
  • Auto-off function


Testo Smart App Key Features:

  • Simple and fast: Measurement menus for numerous applications provide optimum support in configuring and carrying out the measurement
  • Clear graphical presentation of readings, e.g. as a table, for quick interpretation of results
  • Create digital measurement reports including photos as PDF/CSV files on site and send via e-mail



What comes with (0563 0417) Testo 417?

  • Testo 417 100 mm vane anemometer with App connection
  • Carrying bag
  • Calibration protocol
  • 3 X AA batteries


What extra do you get with the Testo 417 Kits?

(0563 1417) Testo 417 Kit 1

  • All the above plus...
  • Plate outlets
  • Measuring funnel for ventilation grilles

(0563 2417) Testo 417 Kit 2

  • All the above plus...
  • Flow straightener


Technical Specification for: Testo 417 Vane Anemometer

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