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1738 Three Phase Power Logger - EU/US version

FLUKE 1738 Three Phase Power Logger is based on the same award-winning platform as the 1730 Energy Logger. In addition to helping you quantify & qualify energy usage, the 1738 can automatically capture & log over 500 power quality parameters including Inrush & Event Waveform Capture

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FLUKE 1738 Advanced Power and Energy Logger

Get more visibility, reduce uncertainty and make better power quality and energy consumption decisions.

The FLUKE 1738 Three-Phase Advanced Power and Energy Logger built with FLUKE Connect mobile app and desktop software compatibility is the ideal tool for conducting energy studies and power quality surveys.

  • Automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics and associated power quality values
  • Capture dips, swells and inrush currents: includes an event waveform snapshot and a high-resolution RMS profile, to give your electrical system a power quality health check and discover where and when energy is being wasted
  • Conveniently power the instrument directly from the measured circuit


FLUKE 1738 Key Features:

Key measurements: Automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics and associated power quality values, and capture dips, swells, and inrush currents with event waveform snapshots and high-resolution RMS profiles
Convenient instrument powering: 
Power instrument directly from the measured circuit
Energy Analyse Plus application software: 
Download and analyse every detail of energy consumption and power quality state of health with our automated reporting and use the integrated power quality health summary to get an at-a-glance understanding of system health

  • Present data locally on the logger, on the FLUKE Connect mobile app and desktop software, or through your facility’s Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Measure all three-phases and neutral with four flexible current probes (included)
  • Power the instrument directly from the measured circuit
  • Review measured values during logging sessions and before downloading for real-time analysis
  • Includes event waveform snapshot and high-resolution RMS profile with the 1738, along with date, timestamp and severity to capture dips, swells, and inrush currents and help pinpoint potential root causes of power quality issues 1738 also provides fast insight into overall electrical system health with a
  • Power Quality Health Summary
  • Offers a bright, colour touch-screen display for convenient field analysis and data checks
  • Helps you capture the right data every time with a quick, guided, graphical user interface
  • Reduces uncertainty about your connections with the intelligent verification function
  • Allows you to complete field setups through the front panel or the Fluke Connect App on your smartphone
  • Provides fully integrated logging with other FLUKE Connect enabled devices to simultaneously log up to two additional measurement parameters on a Fluke Connect wireless digital multimeter or module*


What Extra Advance Features Do I Get With The FLUKE 1738?

(Compared to the FLUKE 1736)

Recording capability:

  • Inrush

When a large load energises, it is common to have a large increase of current for a short period of time, typically referred to as inrush current. Often there is a decrease in voltage at the same time referred to as a dip. 

  • Event Waveform Capture

Equipment trips or resets can often be triggered by a significant decrease in the voltage. Depending on the sensitivity of the equipment, this could be as fast as a portion of a waveform or something that lasted many cycles showing up in the RMS trend data. 

  • Power Quality Health (EN50160 analysis) comes as standard with the 1738
  • IEEE 519 reporting comes as standard with the 1738

Enables validation of voltage and current harmonics according to the standard IEEE 519, and the PQ study can be switched to view the pass/fail bar graph as IEEE 519 values. Allows creation of IEEE 519 Reports giving you more insight into harmonic levels, voltage, and current distortion, and load current.



The various models of the FLUKE 1738:

  • (FLUKE-1738/EUS) - Includes current flexible probes (4 x Fluke i173X-flex 1500 12" Current Clamps)
  • (FLUKE-1738/B) - Excludes current flexible probes
  • (FLUKE-1738/EUS-GOLD)


What comes with the FLUKE 1738?

  • FLUKE 1738 Power Logger
  • 4 x Alligator Clips
  • For flexible probe inclusion see above
  • 1 x Red, 1 x Black 0.1m Cable
  • 1 x Red, 1 x Black 1.5m Lead
  • Line Cord (EU, US & UK)
  • WiFi and BLE Adapter (EUS Kit Only)
  • USB Flash Drive (4GB)
  • USB Cable
  • 3PHVL-173 Flat Cable
  • C173x Soft Case
  • 173x-Hanger Kit
  • Colour Coding Set
  • MP1-Magnet Probe


What extra comes with the GOLD Edition?

  • 4x FREE 173X-flex1500 iFlexi 1500A (12 inches)
  • EPE training: Electrical Power Explained training package (English, French, German language only), 117-pages printed reference training guidebook, supporting the offline webcast


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 1738 Three Phase Power Logger - EU/US version

ModelPower logger basic versionPower logger (EU and US)Power logger (International)Power logger advanced versionPower logger advance version (EU and US)Power logger advanced version (International)
PQ Health (EN50160 analysis)Opt.Opt.Opt.
IEEE 519 reportingOpt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.
FLUKE Connect module support (up to 2 modules)Opt.Opt.Opt.
Waveform Snapshots + RMS profileOpt.Opt.Opt.
USB (mini B)
WiFi download of instrument dataOpt.Opt.
WiFi download via WiFi access point (requires registration)Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.
Included Accessories
WiFi only adapter
WiFi and BLE adapterOpt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.
USB flash drive (4GB)
USB Cable
3PHVL-173 Flat Cable
1x red, 1x black 0.1m cable
1x red, 1x black 1.5m lead
Alligator clips444444
C173x Soft Case
Colour Coding set
173x-Hanger kitOpt.Opt.Opt.
MP1-Magnet ProbeOpt.Opt.Opt.444
i173X-flex1500 12”Opt.44Opt.44
Compatible Optional Accessories
173X- AUX analog adapter
i17XX-flex1500 12” Current Probe
i17XX-flex3000 24” Current Probe
i17XX-flex6000 36” Current Probe
i40s-EL Current Clamp
IEEE 519 reporting opt
1736 to 1738 upgrade (1736/UPGRADE)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
MP1-MAGNET PROBE 1 Magnet Probes for 4MM Banana set of 4 £87.00 ADD
C17xx Soft Case (1730) £101.00 ADD
i17XX-flex1500 AC Flex Current Clamp 1500A 12 Inch (1730) £145.00 ADD
i17XX-flex1500/3pk AC Flex Current Clamp 1500A 12 Inch 3-pack (1730) £417.00 ADD
i17XX-flex3000/3pk AC Flex Current Clamp 3000A 24 Inch 3-pack (1730) £447.00 ADD
i17XX-flex6000 AC Flex Current Clamp 6000A 36 Inch(1730) £164.00 ADD
i17XX-flex6000/3pk AC Flex Current Clamp 6000A 36 Inch 3-pack (1730) £476.00 ADD
I40S-EL3X Fluke-17xx i40s-EL Clamp-on Current Transformer £189.00 ADD
I40S-EL3X/3PK Fluke-17xxx i40s-EL Clamp-on Current Transformer, 3 pack £508.00 ADD
FLUKE-173X ADPT AUX Input Adapter, 173X £113.00 ADD