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1775 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser (Basic)

FLUKE 1775 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser eliminates the complexities of power quality. Perfect for energy surveys / load testing, harmonic surveys, nuisance circuit breaker tripping, power utility power quality surveys & discovery of equipment failures caused by transients.

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FLUKE 1775 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser

FLUKE 1775 a three-phase Power Quality Analyser eliminates the complexities of power quality logging, troubleshooting, and analysis. Engineered to be the faster, easier way to perform power quality studies, offering automatic measurements, a straightforward user interface and setup, best-in-class specifications, and a simplified reporting platform. The instrument can also be powered directly from the measurement circuit, eliminating the need to find a power outlet or use a lengthy extension cord.


▶ Video: Overview of the FLUKE 1775 Power Quality Analyser

Video thumbnail for the FLUKE 1775 Power Quality Analysers

FLUKE 1775 Key Features:

  • Energy studies - Get detailed power and energy consumption profiles during energy audits and pinpoint savings opportunities
    • Measure V, I, kW, Cos/DPF, kWhr
    • Measure MIN/MAX and AVG values
    • 10 day logging
  • Basic harmonics study - Discover the source of distortion in your installation, so that you can filter those loads or move them to separate circuits
    • THD measurement (V & I)
    • Harmonics 1 to 25 for V & I
  • Advanced harmonics study - If distorting loads are causing problems in your installation, you need comprehensive data to identify the source and create a solution
    • Full harmonic spectrum
    • Power Harmonics
  • Basic industrial power quality troubleshooting - When troubleshooting in the field, graphical data enables you to trace the source of the problem at hand
    • Oscilloscope function
    • Voltage dips and swells
  • Advanced power quality troubleshooting - Complex installations often require a deeper dive into measurement data. Multiple loads may be interacting randomly to cause a single problem
    • Comprehensive logging capability
  • Advanced Features
    • Inrush - Discover peak current from load switching
    • Flicker - Measure the effects of disturbing switching equipment
    • Transients 1 MHz - Capture high speed voltage waveform caused by switching or network disturbances
    • Mains signalling - Monitor signals on the network that are used for network wide equipment control
    • Event waveform capture - Visualisation of dips and swells to identify the cause of the events
  • Communication via USB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi Bluetooth / Wireless download


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New updates for the 177X Series has meant the following:

Version 2.0: The new version 2.0 firmware for the FLUKE 177X Series of analysers adds some new features and overall improvements on instrument analysis.

These items include:

  • Full/instant on instrument energy measurements (kwh)
  • Support of FC enabled Fluke devices
  • Support of LTE module
  • Instrument screen lock
  • Available AC/DC current clamp support (BNC)

This firmware can be used to update any FLUKE 177X instrument, some features will not be enabled in FLUKE 1773 instruments. For further information please get in touch with our friendly team.

What comes with the FLUKE 1775?

  • FLUKE-1775 Power Quality Analyser
  • 1 x FLUKE-17XX, Flat Cable, Voltage Test Lead 3-Phase+N
  • 4 x AC285, Black Alligator Clip
  • 1 x AC285, Green Alligator Clip
  • 1 x Black 1 M USB-C Cable
  • 1 x Line Cord
  • 1 x FLK-17XX 0.18 M Test Lead Set (nonstack/stack)
  • 1 x Green Test Lead
  • 1 x Cable Marker Set (for voltage and current)
  • 1 x FLUKE-174X-MA-C8 Wall Outlet Adapter
  • 1 x Statement Of Calibration Practices

 What extra comes with the iFlex version?

  • 4 x i17XX-FLEX1500 24, FLUKE-17XX iFlex 1500 A 24 IN, 2.0 M
  • 1 x MP1-3R/1B, Magnet Probe 1, 3 Red / 1 Black Magnet Probes For 4 mm Banana
  • 1 x FLUKE-174X-Hanger Kit
  • 1 x FLUKE-177X-4204 WI FI / Bluetooth Module
  • 1 x Black Soft Case


▶ Video: Recording Mode FLUKE 1775

Video thumbnail FLUKE 1775 Recording Mode

▶ Video: Logger Mode FLUKE 1775

Video thumbnail FLUKE 1775 Logger Mode

▶ Video: Meter Mode FLUKE 1775

Video thumbnail FLUKE 1775 Meter Mode


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 1775 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser (Basic)

Energy surveys and load testing
Harmonic surveys
Nuisance circuit breaker tripping
Power utility power quality surveys
Discovery of equipment failures caused by transients


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
i17XX-FLEX1.5KIP FLUKE-17XX IP65 iFlex 1.5KA 24 IN/60CM £287.00 ADD
I17XX-FLEX3KIP IP65 iFlexi 3KA 60 cm £287.00 ADD
I17XX-FLEX6KIP IP65 iFlexi 6KA 90 cm £344.00 ADD
I40S-EL3X Fluke-17xx i40s-EL Clamp-on Current Transformer £251.00 ADD
MP1-3R/1B Magnet Probe 1, 3 x red, 1 x black £115.00 ADD
FTP17XXPQ Fused test probes set, Three Phase PQ, AC285, R/B £205.00 ADD
Fluke MA-C8 Wall outlet adapter, Fluke-174X £27.00 ADD
i17XX-FLEX5M-EXT iFlexi Extension Cable, 5m £172.00 ADD