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KEW6315 Power Quality Analyser

Kewtech KEW6315 is an easy to use Power Quality Analyser boasting a large memory & quick report facilities. It comes complete with two analogue input channels - You can monitor any variable! (e.g watch the change in electrical energy as the inside/outside temperature changes.

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Kewtech KEW6315 Power Quality Analyser

This flexi-clamp type Power Quality Analyser can be used for various wiring systems.  It can be used for simple measurements of instantaneous/ integration/ demand values, and also for analysis of harmonics and events related to power quality and for the simulation of power factor correction with capacitor banks. Moreover, it can display waveforms and vectors of voltage and current.  Data can be saved either on the SD card or in the internal memory, and can be transferred to PC via USB, or in real-time via Bluetooth communication.

The Kewtech KEW6315 comes with the following benefits:

  • Data logging, harmonics, waveform and events (transients, dips, swells and interrupts) measured all in one go.
  • Massive memory enables you to conduct extended surveys without worry of running out of storage
  • Quick report facility allows you to download and produce a report in 2 minutes and put a cost to energy used
  • EN 50160 automatic report - again within moments a 17 page report compares the measured data with the supply standard highlighting any errors
  • Intuitive user interface means that you will soon be up and running and remember the setting up procedure
  • Kit comprises everything you need to get you going
  • Remote monitoring on PC and Android devices via Bluetooth

Kewtech KEW6315 Key Features:

  • High accuracy measurements +/- 0.2% Volts/Current, 0.3% Energy
  • Quick set up guide - on screen guides and wiring check
  • Quick report enables fast download to report, extracting the salient data immediately. You can enter daytime and night time tariffs to get the cost of the electricity used. You can even look at a subset of the data i.e. just Monday working hours.
  • Extremely compact design
  • Simultaneous measurements of means that you do not have to do several surveys on the same site
  • Instantaneous Values
  • Measures Flicker
  • Energy consumed
  • Demand monitor / prediction
  • Wave form and vector diagrams
  • Harmonic measurements and analyser
  • Displays and calculates power factor and corrective capacitors
  • Includes three 1000A flexi-clamps accurate down to 1A
  • Print screen function saves any screen, including connection diagram – for fast report writing
  • Fourth current channel for measured neutral current (neutral current also calculated) or earth leakage
  • Test leads colour coded to current British Standard.
  • Comprehensive user friendly intuitive software
  • Internal memory plus flash card memory – up to 1GB!
  • Digital output for use to control max demand
  • Two additional inputs for external sensors. For instance to monitor lighting / temperature levels
  • Complies fully to IEC61010-1 Cat IV 300V

What comes with the Kewtech KEW6315?

  • Kewtech KEW6135 Power Quality Analyser
  • 3x (KEW8130) 1000A flexi-clamps
  • 4x voltage test leads
  • PQA software
  • SD card



Technical Specification for: Kewtech KEW6315 Power Quality Analyser

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