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377 FC Non-Contact Voltage Clamp

FLUKE 377 FC 1000A AC/DC TRMS Non-Contact Voltage Wireless Clamp with FieldSense technology comes complete with iFlex flexible current probe & TPAK ToolPak magnetic hanging accessory.

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FLUKE 377 FC 1000A AC/DC TRMS Non-Contact Voltage Wireless Clamp

FLUKE 377 is full of "firsts"!

For the first time, make non-contact voltage measurements with an industrial clamp meter, accurately and safely, without test leads!  Improve your workflow efficiency for 3-phase measurements with this unique clamp meter.


So what‘s unique about the FLUKE 377?

  • FieldSense technology
    • Do something no other clamp can - measure voltage and current through the clamp jaw, simultaneously, all without contacting a live conductor.
  • 3-phase measurements and calculations
    • Users can clamp around each leg of the incoming power supply and get a full set of phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase values calculated and shown on the meter.
  • Phase rotation
    • Auto-calculate and view easily within FLUKEConnect software.  No more handwritten notes or complicated calculations.


Completing 3-phase measurements in 3 easy steps

  • A full set of phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase values will be calculated and displayed on the meter
  • Also view on your smart phone and save to the cloud via FLUKEConnect software
  • View phase rotation calculations within the FLUKEConnect software
  • No more hand-written notes or complicated maths for you to complete


Measure extremely high current with iFlex probe

The FLUKE 377 includes a iFlex flexible current probe as standard (18 inch / 48 cm) - used to measure ac current as high as 2500 A. This flexible probe provides access to large conductors in tight spaces.


FLUKE 377 Key Features:

  • FieldSense technology
    • Measure voltage and current with your clamp jaw
    • Faster, safer testing, all without touching a live wire
    • Complete 3-phase voltage and current tests with fewer steps
    • Record, analyse, share results with FLUKEConnect software


Target Industries:

The FLUKE 377 is best suited for electrical troubleshooting and maintenance workflows in many job roles including:

  • Electricians
  • Electrical contractors
  • HVAC technicians
  • Field service engineers
  • Maintenance technicians

Tools with FieldSense are extremely versatile for troubleshooting and routine maintenance applications in industrial, residential and commercial establishments:

  • Checking if a circuit is live before starting work 
  • Measuring individual voltages and determine component resistances up to 60 kΩ
  • Checking circuit loading at panel boards (including feeder cables, branch circuits, and neutrals) and the integrity of a grounding circuit
  • Generator / Motor / Chiller Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Installation of HVAC motor and compressor
  • Determining intermittent faults in assembly machinery
  • Identifying efficiency in motors and drives to determine motor or drive capacity

▶ FLUKE 377 FC 378 FC Introduction Video:


▶ FLUKE 377 & 378 FC 3-Phase Measurements In 3 Quick Clicks:


▶ FLUKE 377 & 378 FC FLUKEConnect Compatibility:



What comes with the FLUKE 377?

  • FLUKE 377 FC Non-Contact Voltage True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • TL224 Test Leads
  • TP175 TwistGuard Test Probes
  • AC285 black grounding clip (1 only)
  • i2500-18 iFlex Flexible Current Probes 18 inch (48 cm)
  • TPAK ToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanger
  • Premium carrying case
  • Quick reference guide


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 377 FC Non-Contact Voltage Clamp

378 FC377 FC376 FC375 FC374 FC373
Non-contact voltage true-rms clamp meter with FieldSense technologyNon-contact voltage true-rms clamp meter with FieldSense technologyTrue-rms clamp meterTrue-rms clamp meterTrue-rms clamp meterTrue-rms clamp meter
Non-contact voltageNoNoNoNo
Voltage AC100010001000600600600
Voltage DC100010001000600600600
Current AC (clamp jaw / iFlex)999.9 / 2500999.9 / 2500999.9 / 2500600 / 2500600 / 2500600
Current DC999.9999.9999.9600600No
Resistance60 kΩ60 kΩ60 kΩ60 kΩ6000 Ω6000 Ω
Three-phase calculations
Power Quality indicator
Data Logging
Low pass filter (for VFD)
SafetyCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 VCAT III 600 V