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DPM1000 Power Clamp Meter

Megger DPM1000 Power Clamp Meter combines the functionality of power meter, harmonics meter & data logger in one easy to use package.

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Megger DPM1000 Power Clamp Meter

The Megger DPM1000 Power Clamp Meter comes complete with a set of leads, thermocouple and carry case.  It can be used by electricians for general voltage, current and power measurement; and also for determining the harmonic components of a supply.  It‘s features include continuity, capacitance, diode and temperature, plus it has the ability to log data and utilise the Megger Link App via Bluetooth.

The Megger DPM1000 can measure DC, AC, pulsed and mixed currents up to 1000 A simply by clamping the jaws round the appropriate conductor.  Voltages up to 1000 V AC or DC may be measured using the supplied test leads.  Where power measurements are to be made both techniques above are performed simultaneously.


Ideal for:

  • Measuring mains power quality and applications
    • in the development, installation, maintenance and repair of equipment and devices used in power electronics and power engineering
  • Data logging to its internal non-volatile memory
    • Record a maximum of 9999 readings/records to the memory over a period of time and download the data to produce graphs and reports
    • Record rate can be set from 1 to 600 seconds
    • Timer accuracy is within 3 seconds per hour


Megger DPM1000 Key Features:

  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current to 1000A
  • True RMS
  • Resistance 100kΩ
  • LCD Display
  • Phase rotation indication
  • Inrush peak current
  • Auto backlight display
  • Frequency measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Power Factor Measurement
  • Watt measurement to 1MW
  • Harmonic measurement
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Diode test
  • Non-contact volt alert
  • Continuity Beeper
  • Data Hold/Min-Max/Peak Hold
  • Bright LED torch
  • Temperature to 1000° C
  • Carrying holster/pouch
  • CAT IV 600V Rating
  • Bluetooth/Megger Link App



What comes with the Megger DPM1000?

  • Megger DPM1000 Power Clamp Meter
  • DCM 4mm Spare Lead Set
  • TP-90 Thermocouple Probe
  • Carry Case


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