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PQ-BOX 150 Network Analyser and Transient Recorder

A-Eberle PQ-BOX 150 Power Quality Network Analyser & Transient Recorder designed for low-, medium- & high-voltage networks. PQ-BOX 150 is a powerful, portable, network analyser, data output meter & transient meter all in one robust instrument.

Part Number:
PQ-BOX 150

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A-Eberle PQ-BOX 150 Network Analyser and Transient Recorder

The PQ-Box 150 is a high-performance, portable network-analyser, power meter and transient recorder designed for low-, medium- and high-voltage networks complete with user-friendly features and functions.

The mobile device has been developed for mobile operation (protection degree IP65).  It is applicable for measurements in electrical networks (600V CAT IV) as well as for measurements in industrial environment up to 1000V measurement voltage.




A-Eberle PQ-BOX 150 Key Features:

  • 3 instruments in 1, combining:
    • Network-Analyser
    • Power Meter
    • Transient Recorder
  • Power analysis
  • Data logging
  • Fault detection
  • High-performance
  • User-friendly
  • Sampling of  4 voltage and 4 currents with 20,48 kHz 
  • Up to 32 GByte memory (4 GByte as standard)
  • FFT calculation up to 10 kHz
  • 2 kHz to 9 kHz - FFT according to the latest standard IEC61000-4-7
  • TFT colour display
  • Enabled for on-line data
  • Programmable trigger for oscilloscope-recorder
  • Programmable trigger for 10ms RMS recorder
  • Automatic adjustment of measurement signal trigger
  • Standard reports in accordance with EN50160, IEC61000-2-2 -2-4 for public and industrial networks
  • PQ-Box 150 meets 100% the demands of IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 (2015) standard for a class-A device
  • Class A for:
    • Accuracy of voltage measurement
    • Determination of time intervals
    • Marking of measurement values at events
    • Harmonics, interharmonics
    • Flicker
    • Frequency
    • Voltage asymmetry
    • Event recording
    • Time synchronisation


A-Eberle PQ-BOX 150 Applications:

  • Fault detection
  • Evaluation of voltage quality according to EN50160 and IEC61000-2-2 (2-4)
  • FFT analysis up to 10kHz
  • Load analysis, energy measurement
  • Ripple control signal analysis
  • High-performance software


Software and Clamps for the range:

  • One software for PQ Box 100, PQ-Box 150 and PQ Box 200
  • All current clamps for PQ Box 100, PQ-Box 150and PQ Box 200 are identical


▶ A-Eberle PQ-150 Demonstration:



Technical Specification for: A-Eberle PQ-BOX 150 Network Analyser and Transient Recorder

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