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Chauvin Arnoux
PEL51 Power-Energy Logger

The Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 or PEL52 power logger and energy meter provides a simple but comprehensive solution for electricians seeking to monitor consumption, in the context of energy savings or to improve a building‘s energy efficiency

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Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 Power-Energy Logger

Small, portable and easy to use - PEL 51 is from Chauvin Arnoux‘s latest range of power and energy loggers by designed to monitor electrical consumption seamlessly. Built for domestic and smaller commercial installations, it is perfect for easily monitoring single-phase installations, identifying means for saving energy and much more.

The PEL51 is a perfect maximum demand or load survey on single-phase installations. The PEL51 is also a welcome addition to your facilities test equipment if you‘re looking to make energy savings so if you are trying to improve energy efficiency within your business using a PEL51 to identify and prioritise those energy savings is a great place to start!

The user can also assess power factor if power factor correction is a concern.  Another use would be pre-surveys for applications such as EV and PV installations to check there are no problems once installation is complete for example over voltage causing the invertor to switch off.

Ultimately the PEL51 is a really useful tool for the single-phase electrician or people working in those environments.


▶ Video: An Overview Of The Chauvin Arnoux PEL51

Video thumbnail for the Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 Energy Logger


Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 Key Functions:

The PEL51 has been designed to seek ways of improving electrical consumption. To do it records useful measurements (voltage, current, power values and energy values). WiFi enables communication via an access point or server.

Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 / PEL52 are the first instruments in this range to include the possibility of connection via an IRD server. This function was only available formerly on certain PEL100 models (See IRD Case Study for more information).


Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 Key Features:

  • Simple but comprehensive solution for electricians seeking to monitor consumption:
    • identify and prioritise energy savings
    • improve a building‘s energy efficiency
  • Compact, fits in one hand making it extremally easy to handle
  • Magnetized casing allows you to position it in smaller electrical cabinets where space is at a premium
    • No need to cut off the mains to start using it
    • In addition, it is self-powered via the phase, making it ideal for long campaigns
  • The backlit multi-display LCD screen is particularly easy to read


The PEL51 is equipped with one channel for the following single-phase measurements:

  • TRMS voltage and current measurement
  • Power measurement W (P, Pf), VA and var (N, Qf and D)
  • Measurement of PF, DPF/Cos φ
  • Power supply via the phase
  • More accurate thanks to the MINI94 current sensor
  • Ergonomics: easy to read, simplicity, connections, compact design
  • Connection via clamp without cutting off the power supply
  • Power Measurement:
    • Active power P (W)
    • Fundamental active power Pf (W)
    • Fundamental reactive power Qf (var)
    • Non-active power N (var)
    • Distortion power D (var)
    • Apparent power S (VA)
    • And all the related energy measurements

See below comparison chart to understand the difference between the Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 and PEL52.


Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 Communication Modes

The PEL51 offers multiple communication modes for real-time monitoring or for saving measurement results:

  • Wi-Fi communication
  • Integrated web server
  • PEL Transfer software for data back-up, real-time display and analysis


C.A PEL51 / PEL52 Key Markets:

Small tertiary and residential electricians for consumption monitoring.  The PEL can be used to differentiate between the different loads.

Example use:

When a building or factory undergoes an energy survey certain measurements need to be taken at certain points of entry.

All electricity users have a main meter at the supplier’s point of delivery, but very rarely have sub-metering.

What is sub-metering? Electrical sub-metering involves the installation of additional meters downstream of your main utility meter. It allows businesses to monitor individual areas of buildings, equipment and even individual tenants.

Upon conducting a survey the Chauvin Arnoux PEL loggers can be placed at the points where you would have wanted a sub-meter!

Why is this important? For example in France the French RE2020 environmental regulations have tightened the constraints for checking and controlling energy spending. Mandatory audits of large companies impose these checks on them. As a result, a number of major groups have failed in their attempts to achieve ISO 50001 certification.

The recordings made with PEL51 or PEL51 Power-Energy Logger are time/date-stamped. This means it is possible to measure the economic gains achieved simply by comparing the recordings made before and after modifications on an installation. The analysis of the recordings made with the PEL51 / PEL52 before the modifications corresponds to a representative period of use. The various operations for maintenance and improvement of the electrical network and equipment, or other purposes, can then be carried out.

A correctly-positioned PEL enables you to quickly locate the most crucial points without wasting time. A monitoring period will allow you to establish whether the solutions proposed are correct and sufficient, but above all to precisely measure the savings achieved.


Comparison Chart for: Chauvin Arnoux PEL51 Power-Energy Logger

Differences in spec. (for full spec. see data sheet)PEL51PEL52
Types of installationsSingle-phaseSplit-phase or 2 single-phase channels
Number of channels1V/1I2V/2I
Battery (mounted)
SD card
Red banana voltage lead
Black banana voltage lead
Blue banana voltage lead
MA194-250 flexible AC current sensor1
Crocodile clips23
Type-C7 power supply cable
C8 adapter
Safety datasheet
Test report
Multilingual Quick Start Guide
Multilingual User's Manual Download via C.A websiteDownload via C.A website
Data transfer/management softwareDownload via C.A websiteDownload via C.A website