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1010 8 Channel Data Logger

Eltek 1000 Squirrel Dataloggers for energy management enable quick, easy metering, monitoring & logging of load usage patterns enabling optimisation of power distribution, leading to improved reliability of power availability & power distribution plant costs.

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Eltek 1010 8 Power Quality Channel Data Logger-Recorder

Eltek SQ1000 Series Squirrel data loggers provide a flexible combination of channels, ranges, memory sizes and extra options. If there is not already a model which fits a particular application, then Eltek can almost certainly make one.

Eltek 1010 Key Features:

  • Modular construction
  • Battery or mains operated and easily portable
  • Configuration and metering by:
    • Panel controls and display
    • Locally connected PC (using Darca Software)
    • Remotely connected PC (using Darca Software) via GSM, landline or radio modem
  • Multi-language set up menu
  • Measure up to 124 analogue or digital channels, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, resistance, current or any other suitable sensor output
  • Non volatile internal memory providing up to 2 million readings of secure data
  • Readings can be scaled into appropriate units (e.g. m/sec, p.p.m.)
  • Low power consumption for long term unattended use or portable operation
  • Clearly labelled connector panel for quick on-site installation
  • Customised firmware for specialised requirements

Eltek Logger Series:

  • Highly accurate: ±(0.1% of reading, +0.2% of range span)
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Internal memory can store 250 000 readings
  • Sensor power outputs
  • 1 pulse count channel and 8 event/digital channels in addition to other inputs
  • External triggers can start and stop the logger
  • Environmental: -30 to +65°C, 0 to 95° RH non-condensing
  • External power supply: 9 to 14V DC (internal battery: 9V)
  • Communications via RS232C with auto-baud detect
  • Rapid memory download at 38400 baud
  • Up to 99 logging "runs" may be stored
  • Alphanumeric display, 2 lines of 16 characters
  • Compact size 180mm x 120mm, depth 60 to 260mm dependant on product specification.
  • 3 year guarantee

Optional Features:

  • Sampling interval of 0.1 second for 8 channels
  • Expandable to 124 channels
  • Alarms and threshold can be set for all channels
  • Internal memory expandable to 2,080,000 readings
  • Logger configurations tailored to specific needs
  • Networking loggers - for large systems
  • LAN Network adaptor for Ethernet connection - type
  • MOXA D311
  • USB adapter
  • GSM modem connection
  • Text messaging
  • pH input adapter


Technical Specification for: Eltek 1010 8 Channel Data Logger

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