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1760 Basic Power Quality Recorder (Three-Phase)

The FLUKE 1760 records three-phase power quality & is fully Class-A compliant for the most demanding power quality tests.

Part Number:
FLUKE-1760 Basic

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FLUKE 1760 Power Quality Logger-Recorder

Advanced power quality recorders are designed to capture comprehensive details of power disturbances including waveforms, trend analysis and Class-A ‘quality-of-service’ compliance testing over long period of time to capture the most difficult to trace problems.

The FLUKE 1760 Power Quality Recorder offers a higher sample rate (10 megahertz) and is fully customisable for engineers that want to be able to monitor all voltage, all current and be really selective about how they set things up.

Class-A Compliance For The Most Demanding Power Quality Tests

The FLUKE 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder is fully compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A, for advanced power quality analysis and consistent compliance testing. Designed for analysis of utility and industrial power distribution systems, in medium-voltage / low-voltage networks, this power quality monitor provides the flexibility to customise thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections.  The FLUKE 1760 power recorder captures the most comprehensive details on user-selected parameters.

▶ Video: FLUKE Power Quality Meters Explained

Video thumbnail FLUKE Power Quality Meters Explained

FLUKE 1760 Applications:

  • Detailed disturbance analysis: Perform high-speed transient analysis and uncover root cause of equipment malfunction for later mitigation and predictive maintenance. The fast transient option, with its 6000 V measurement range, allows capture of very short impulses such as lightning strikes
  • Class-A quality-of-service compliance: Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance. Thanks to Class A compliance, the FLUKE 1760 allows undisputable verification
  • Event correlation at multiple locations: Utilising GPS time synchronisation, users can quickly detect where a fault occurred first, either inside or outside the facility
  • Galvanic separation and DC coupling: Allows complete measurements on dissimilar power systems. For example troubleshoot UPS systems by simultaneously recording the battery voltage and power output
  • Power quality and power load studies: Assess baseline power quality to validate compatibility with critical systems before installation and verify electrical system capacity before adding loads


FLUKE 1760 Key Features:

  • Fully Class-A compliant: Conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard.
  • GPS time synchronisation: Correlate data with events or datasets from other instruments with precision
  • Flexible and fully configurable thresholds and scale factors: Allows user to pinpoint specific issues by defining the detailed criteria for detection and recording of disturbances.
  • Uninterrupted power supply (40 minutes): Never miss important events - even record the beginning and end of interruptions and outages to help determine the cause
  • 10 MHz, 6000 Vpk waveform capture: Get a detailed picture of even the shortest event
  • 2 GB data memory: Enables detailed, simultaneous recording of numerous power parameters for long periods of time
  • Comprehensive software included: Provides trend diagrams for root cause analysis, statistical summaries, report writing and real-time data monitoring in the online mode
  • Plug and play: Allows quick setup with automatic sensor detection; sensors are instrument powered, eliminating the need for batteries
  • Rugged field design: Insulated housing and a solid state design with no rotating components enable reliable testing under nearly any conditions


The various models of the FLUKE 1760:

  • FLUKE-1760 Basic without fast transient without voltage and current sensors
  • FLUKE-1760TR Basic with fast transient without voltage and current sensors
  • FLUKE-1760 INTL full set without fast transient (600 V sensor)
  • FLUKE-1760TR INTL full set without fast transient (600 V sensor)


What comes with the FLUKE 1760?

  • FLUKE 1760 Power Quality Logger
  • Internal Flash-memory 2 GB
  • PQ Analyse software on CD-ROM
  • Ethernet cable for network connection
  • Crosslink Ethernet cable for direct PC connection
  • Mains cable
  • Operational manuals
  • Carrying bag
  • Voltage probes, qty 4 (600 V for INTL set, 1000 V for US set)
  • Current probes, qty 4 (Dual-range flexible current probes 1000 A / 200 A AC)
  • GPS time sync receiver


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 1760 Basic Power Quality Recorder (Three-Phase)

Energy studies
Measure V, I, kW, Cos/DPF, kWhr
Measure min/max and avg values
10-day logging
Waste energy monetization
Basic harmonics study
THD measurement (V & I)
Harmonics 1 to 25 for V & I
Advanced harmonics study
Full harmonic spectrum
Power harmonics
Basic industrial PQ troubleshooting
Oscilloscope function
Voltage dips and swells
Advanced industrial PQ troubleshooting
Comprehensive logging capability
Advanced features
Mains signaling
Power wave
Event waveform capture
400 Hz
Shipboard power
Power inverter efficiency
Motor analysis
Speed, torque, mechanical power, efficiencyUpgrade AvailableUpgrade AvailableUpgrade Available
Wireless download
Fluke Connect app
CAT IV/600 V


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
CS1750/1760 Soft Case (Fluke 1750/1760) £331.00 ADD
GPS-Time Sync GPS Time Synchronization Module (Fluke 1760) £480.00 ADD
i1A/10A CLAMP PQ1 1-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £601.00 ADD
i1A/10A CLAMP PQ3 3-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £659.00 ADD
i1A/10A CLAMP PQ4 4-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £888.00 ADD
i20/200A CLAMP PQ3 3-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £659.00 ADD
i20/200A CLAMP PQ4 4-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £888.00 ADD
I5A/50A CLAMP PQ1 1-Phase 5A/50A Mini Current Clamp set for PQ £601.00 ADD
i5A/50A CLAMP PQ3 3-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £659.00 ADD
i5A/50A CLAMP PQ4 4-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £888.00 ADD
i5s AC Current Clamp (5 A) £603.00 ADD
i5sPQ3 AC Current Clamp (5 A) 3-pack £1,432.00 ADD
OC4USB Serial Interface Adapter/Cable (USB) £190.00 ADD
PM9080/101 Serial Interface Adapter/Cable (RS232) £313.00 ADD
TPS CLAMP 10A/1A Clip-on Current Transformer 10A/1A (Fluke 1760) £534.00 ADD
TPS CLAMP 200/20 Clip-on Current Transformer 200A/20A (Fluke 1760) £534.00 ADD
TPS CLAMP 50A/5A Clip-on Current Transformer 50A/5A (Fluke 1760) £534.00 ADD
TPS Flex 24-TF-II 200/1000A Fluke 1760 Thin Flexi 61cm (24in) £576.00 ADD
TPS Shunt 1A A680501054 Shunt 1 A AC/DC £444.00 ADD
TPS SHUNT 20MA Shunt 20mA AC/DC (Fluke 1760) £444.00 ADD
TPS VOLTPROBE 100V Voltage Probe 100V (Fluke 1760) £382.00 ADD
TPS VOLTPROBE 10V Voltage Probe 10V (Fluke 1760) £382.00 ADD
TPS VOLTPROBE 1K V Voltage Probe 1000V (Fluke 1760) £697.00 ADD
TPS VOLTPROBE 400V Voltage Probe 400V (Fluke 1760) £382.00 ADD
TPS VOLTPROBE 600V Voltage Probe 600V (Fluke 1760) £382.00 ADD
TPS/MBX DOLPH RED EP0326Z Dolphin Clip Red £46.00 ADD