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772 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter

FLUKE 772 Process Clamp Meter, save time & money by NOT breaking the loop on 4-20 mA signal measurements. Comes with measurement spotlight to illuminate hard to see wires in dark enclosures.

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FLUKE 772 Milliamp Clamp Meter - Save on Downtime

The FLUKE 772 builds on the innovative and popular FLUKE 771 Process Milliamp Clampmeter to offer extra functionality, saving more time and expanding its application range:

  • mA measure in-circuit           
  • mA source           
  • mA simulate           
  • Loop power 24 V           
  • DCV source 0-10 V

FLUKE 772 - 5 X Faster:

Test 4–20 mA signals five times faster than with traditional DMMs, without breaking the loop; troubleshoot a live device without having to power down, saving time and money.   This method helps you spot something going on within the process that could be missed if downtime is required.  FLUKE Process Tools help keep your processes up and running!

FLUKE 772 Applications:

 Measure, source and simulate 4-20 mA signals to...

  • Measure mA signals for PLC and control system analog I/O
  • Simulate 4-20 mA signals for testing control system I/O
  • Source 4 to 20 mA signals for testing control system I/O or I/Ps
  • Include simultaneous mA in-circuit measurement with 24V loop power for powering and testing transmitters
  • Measure 10 to 50 mA signals in older control systems using the 99.9 mA range

FLUKE 772 Other Key Features:

  • Features best in class 0.2% accuracy
  • Delivers 0.01 mA resolution and sensitivity
  • Detachable clamp with extension cable perfect for tight locations
  • Captures and displays changing measurements with Hold function
  • Offers mA output linear ramp or 25% step output
  • Extends battery life with auto-off and backlight timeout
  • Dual backlit display with both mA measurement and percent of 4 to 20 mA span
  • Automatically changes the 4 to 20 mA output for remote testing

What does the FLUKE 772 come with?

  • FLUKE 772 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter
  • Four AA alkaline batteries (installed)
  • TL75 test leads
  • AC 72 detachable clip
  • TL 940 mini hook test leads
  • Instruction sheet
  • Hanging tool with hook and loop strap
  • Soft carrying case


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 772 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter

mA measure w/jaw
mA measure In circuit
mA source
mA simulate
Loop power 24 V
DCV source 0-10 V
DCV measure 0-30 V
Scaled mA output to mA input
mA in/out
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