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710 mA Loop Valve Tester c/w HART

The FLUKE 710 Valve Testing Loop Calibrator is designed to enable users to perform quick, easy tests on HART smart control valves.

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FLUKE 710 mA Loop Valve Tester With HART

The FLUKE 710 Valve Testing Loop Calibrator is designed to enable users to perform quick, easy tests on HART smart control valves. 

One of the biggest challenges is if you don‘t have any indication or knowledge of control valve condition - the fallback becomes ‘pull it and check it‘.  This results in a lot of wasted labour and maintenance time being applied!

The FLUKE 710 pretty much gives you the exact position of the valve based on the HART feedback.  It makes it easier for the technician to perform tests on devices that are complicated to test and maintain correctly.  The technician makes two connections to the valve, selects the test, runs it and in less than five minutes, there‘s a result (good, marginal or bad).  It‘s recorded to memory so if required the data can be reviewed even further (simply connect the cable, upload the data, and view the plotted information for further analysis).

Once the technician has performed 1 or 2 tests they can go out and perform 10, 15, 20 tests in a day easily. Having information of this nature which shows the quality of the valve operation will make it easier to maintain.

Not only does the 710 perform all of the loop calibration functions of the 709H Precision HART Loop Calibrator, this tool also reduces the time it takes to measure or source current and power up a loop while enabling quick, easy tests on HART smart control valves.



▶ FLUKE 710 Introduction:

▶ FLUKE 710 Configuration:



FLUKE 710 Key Features:

  • Key valve-testing functions include preconfigured valve signature test, speed test, step test, manual test and bump/partial stroke test
  • Key mA loop calibrator functions include mA source, mA simulate, mA read, mA read/ loop power and volts read
  • HART communication for testing and light configuration of HART transmitters
  • Upload valve test results, logged measurements and HART device configurations captured in the field with included ValveTrack desktop software

Featuring built-in test procedures and an intuitive user interface, the 710 allows technicians to quickly and easily perform valve tests; at-a-glance diagnostics help you make maintenance decisions faster than ever!

▶ A Quick Run Through On The Manual Test Function:

▶ A Quick Run Through On The Speed Test Function:


What comes with the FLUKE 710?

  • FLUKE 710 mA Loop Valve Tester with HART
  • Stackable test lead set
  • Extended tooth alligator clip set
  • TP220 test probes
  • AC280 SureGrip hook clips
  • Lemo to USB upload/download cable
  • ValveTrack software (free download)
  • Softcase
  • Six AAA batteries (installed)
  • Product manual, Quick reference guide. Safety information



Comparison Chart for: Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester c/w HART

mA measure (range and accuracy)0-24 mA @ 0.01 %0-24 mA @ 0.015 %0-24 mA @ 0.01%0-24 mA @ 0.01 %0-24 mA @ 0.01 %
mA source/simulate0-24 mA @ 0.01 %0-24 mA @ 0.015 %0-24 mA @ 0.01%0-24 mA @ 0.01 %0-24 mA @ 0.01%
DCV measure0-25V @ .01 %0-28 V @ .015 %0-30 V @ .01 %0-30 V @ .01 %0-30 V @ .01 %
DCV source0-25V @ .01 %
24 V loop power
Auto step/ramp
Documenting and log dataOption
HART communication
Intrinsically safe
Valve testingAnalogAnalogAnalogAnalogAnalog/HART
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