729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator 30G (2 Bar)

The FLUKE 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator with bright dual/triple-channel colour graphical display, has been designed specifically with process technicians in mind to simplify the pressure calibration process & provide faster, more accurate test results!

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Fluke 729 30G

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FLUKE 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator - It Does The Work For You!

A key feature FLUKE identified as a customer requirement is automatic pressure generation - Just type in the required pressure value, no pumping or adjusting required!

Think of the hassle generating pressure by use of hand pumps, the fine adjustments made compensating for leaks, and the time it takes to generate pressure for multiple points... The FLUKE 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator will automatically generate the pressure and go from point to point, thus saving a lot of time making the technician able to calibrate quickly, more efficiently and to a higher degree of competency.

It‘s a very powerful tool with FLUKE connect capability.  Communicate with Smartphone Apps for logging measurements, and storing them for later recall.  HART communication is built-in for configuring, carrying out commissioning and adjustments of HART smart transmitters, and it automatically documents all this to save you time and keep your processes up and running!


FLUKE 729 Key Features:

  • Automatic pressure generation and regulation to 300 psi
  • Easily document the process using onboard test templates
  • Automatic internal fine-pressure adjustment
  • Measure, source and simulate 4 to 20 mA signals
  • 24V loop power for powering transmitters for tests
  • Bright dual/triple-channel colour graphical display
  • HART communication for testing HART smart transmitters
  • Built-in leak testing for verifying test setups for leakage
  • Rugged portable design with standard 3-year warranty
  • FLUKE Connect App compatibility
  • Measure temperature with optional 720RTD probe
  • Measure Vdc for testing 1 V dc to 5 V dc output transmitters
  • Compatible with 700 Series and 750 Series pressure modules
  • Upload documented test results to DPCTrack2 Calibration Management Software
  • Innovative semi-rigid carrying case designed for field work


What comes with the FLUKE 729?

  • FLUKE 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator (specify model via dropdown)
  • Soft Case & Carrying Strap
  • Magnetic Hanger Kit & Hanging Clip
  • Stackable Test Leads
  • AC280 Hook Clips, Alligator Clips & Test Probes
  • Quick Start Guide & Safety Sheet
  • Power Supply & Rechargeable Battery (installed)
  • Hose Kit with Push-Fit Adapters
  • 1/8 in FNPT to 1/ 4 in FNPT Adapter
  • 1/8 in FNPT to F-M20 Adapter
  • 1/8 in FNPT to 1/ 4 in FBSP Adapter
  • PTFE Tape
  • 2x Sintered Filters
  • Water Trap Drain
  • Valve Tuning Hoses
  • USB Cable
  • 3-Year Warranty from FLUKE


Technical Specification for: Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator 30G (2 Bar)

30G30G FC150G150G FC300G300G FC
Psi range, resolution-12.0000 to 30.0000 psi-12.0000 to 30.0000 psi-12.000 to 150.000 psi-12.000 to 150.000 psi-12.000 to 300.000 psi-12.000 to 300.000 psi
Bar range, resolution-0.82737 to 2.06842 bar-0.82737 to 2.06842 bar-0.8273 to 10.3421 bar-0.8273 to 10.3421 bar-0.8273 to 20.6843 bar-0.8273 to 20.6843 bar
kPa range, resolution-82.737 to 206.843 kPa-82.737 to 206.843 kPa-82.73 to 1034.21 kPa-82.73 to 1034.21 kPa-82.73 to 2068.43 kPa-82.73 to 2068.43 kPa
Wireless communication
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