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754 Documenting Process Calibrator HART

FLUKE 754 Documenting Process Calibrator c/w HART. This rugged and reliable, hand-held 754 offers simultaneous source & measure capabilities for all common process parameters.

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FLUKE 754 Documenting Process Calibrator HART - Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

Process manufacturing plants require hundreds, even thousands of sophisticated devices that perform countless critical operations ceaselessly, accurately, and reliably. Those devices in turn require regular inspection, testing, calibration, and repair. 

In process manufacturing, calibration is the process of comparing the reading of a field device to a calibration standard, to determine whether the device’s accuracy meets performance requirements.


Why use Multifunction Documenting Calibrators?

  • Fewer tools a technician needs learn/carry
  • Similar calibration processes and data output across multiple devices, compared to a different process to collect different data for each tool / device.
  • Automated procedures replace many manual calibration steps.
  • No second technician required to record the ‘as-found‘ and ‘as-left‘ state of the field device.
  • Faster calibration time per device.
  • Calculate the error of a single tool, rather than adding the errors of several tools.


FLUKE 754 Makes your shift run smoother!

The rugged and reliable, hand-held 754 offers simultaneous source and measure capabilities for all common process parameters. 

With its multifunctional capabilities you can calibrate temperature, pressure, voltage, current, resistance, and frequency. Since it both measures and sources, you can troubleshoot and calibrate all with one tool.  (3 X Operating Modes: Measure, Source, or Simultaneous Measure/Source)

Create and execute automated procedures and automatically capture the results results.  The USB interface enables two-way communication with popular PC-based instrumentation management applications.  On top of all these capabilities it has the ability to maintain and calibrate selected HART transmitters without a second tool.

If you’ve used the FLUKE 74X Documenting Process Calibrator you’ll be able to pick up the FLUKE 754 and start using it immediately, without a learning curve.


FLUKE 754 Key Features:

  • Easy-to-follow, menu-driven display which guides you through any task.
  • Programmable calibration routines - Create/run automated ‘as-found‘/‘as-left‘ procedures to ensure fast, consistent, calibrations.
  • Bright white, backlit display with three settings - Read your results in any kind of light.
  • Runs an entire shift on a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.
  • Soft keys provide one-touch access to enhanced functions such as task lists, automated procedures, scaling, min/max, stepping and ramping, and review memory.
  • Records and documents results to support your ISO-9000 or regulatory standards - Capture your calibration and transfer the results to a PC.
  • Supports popular instrumentation management software - Create procedures, instructions, and action lists to deliver fast, easy documentation.
  • Integrated HART communication capability lets you program and control HART instrumentation.
  • AutoStep; Set the calibrator for a delayed start and sequence of steps - Runs unattended as a continuously varying test source.
  • User entered values enable users to capture readings measured or sourced by other devices.
  • Custom units allow readings to be scaled and displayed in any user-defined units.
  • Switch calibration procedures perform fast, automated calibration of one- and two-point switches for voltage, current, temperature, and pressure.
  • Differential pressure flow instrument calibration routines use a square root function to directly calibrate DP flow instruments.
  • Built-in algebraic calculator with four functions.
  • Programmable measurement delay inside automated procedures permits calibrating instruments that respond slowly.
  • 3 year warranty

What comes with the FLUKE 754?

  • FLUKE 754 Documenting Process Calibrator with HART
  • BC7240 battery charger
  • Li-on BP7240 battery pack
  • DPCTrack 2 Sample Software
  • Instruction manual
  • Traceable calibration report and data
  • Three sets of TP220 test probes with three sets of ‘extended tooth‘ alligator clips
  • 2 x Sets AC280 hook clips
  • C799 Soft Field Case (see additional images for reference)
  • USB communication cable
  • 754HHC HART communications cable




Comparison Chart for: Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator HART

mA measure (range and accuracy)0-24 mA @ 0 .02 %0-24 mA @ 0 .02 %0-24 mA @ 0 .01%0-100mA @ 0 .01%0-100mA @ 0 .01%
mA source/simulate0-24 mA @ 0 .02 %0-24 mA @ 0 .02 %0-24 mA @ 0 .01%0-22 mA @ 0 .01 %0-22 mA @ 0 .01 %
DCV measure0-30 V @ 0 .02 %0-30 V @ 0 .02 %0-30 V @ 0 .01 %0-300 V @ 0 .02 %0-300 V @ 0 .02 %
DCV source0-10 V @ 0 .02 %0-10 V @ 0 .02 %0-20 V @ 0 .01 %0-15 V @ 0 .01 %0-15 V @ 0 .01 %
ACV measure0-300 V @ 0 .5 %0-300 V @ 0 .5 %
Ohms measure0-3 .2 KΩ0-3 .2 KΩ0-4 KΩ0-10 KΩ0-10 KΩ
Ohms source0-3 .2 KΩ0-3 .2 KΩ0-4 KΩ0-10 KΩ0-10 KΩ
Frequency measure1-10 kHz1-10 kHz1-15 kHz1-50 kHz1-50 kHz
Frequency source1-10 kHz1-10 kHz1-15 kHz1-50 kHz1-50 kHz
750P Pressure Module compatibility50 models8 EX models50 models50 models50 models
Temperature measure/ souce12 TC types 12 TC types 13 TC types 13 TC types 13 TC types
7 RTD types7 RTD types8 RTD types8 RTD types8 RTD types
24 V loop power12 V
Serial remote operation
Source auto step/ramp
Switch test
FLUKE Connect
HART communication
SoftwareDPCTrack2 (Option)DPCTrack2 (Option)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
BP7240 BP7240 - 753/754 Spare Battery £182.00 ADD
FLUKE-700ILF In-Line Filter £99.00 ADD
FLUKE-700TC1 Thermocouple Plug Kits (10 types) £131.00 ADD
FLUKE-700TC2 Thermocouple Plug Kits (5 types) £106.00 ADD
BC7240 BC7240 Battery charger/Eliminator for 75x price on request
BP7235 NiMH Battery Pack £257.00 ADD
FLUKE-700TLK 700TLK 3829398 Process Test Lead Kit £153.00 ADD
FLUKE-750SW 750SW DPC/TRACK2 £3,646.00 ADD