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719Pro 30G Electric Pressure Calibrator

The FLUKE 719Pro includes a full functioning loop calibrator that sources, simulates & measures mA signals & more making it the ideal test tool for calibrating high accuracy transmitters, pressure switches & pressure gauges.

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FLUKE 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator - Integrated Electric Pump for One-Handed Use

The FLUKE 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator with onboard electric pump makes pressure calibration easy; at the touch of a button.
The 719Pro also includes a full functioning loop calibrator that sources, simulates and measures mA signals.  Best-in-class accuracy makes the 719Pro the ideal tool for testing high accuracy pressure transmitters with high confidence - Perfect for accuracy transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges.


FLUKE 719Pro Key Features:

  • Test pressure switches easily with easy-to-use switch test function
  • Precision pressure adjust vernier for easy and accurate pressure calibration
  • Ideal accuracy and performance (0.025%) for reference class transmitter calibration

With programmable pressure calibrator pump limit which eliminates over-pressurisation and allows the user to program target pressures for pumping.

  • Pump cleanout ports reduce pump failures from moisture and fluid damage
  • Fluid trap included with the unit to mitigate chance of fluid damage in at-risk applications
  • Precision temperature measurement with optional RTD probe

Get the ultimate in measurement flexibility with the large backlit screen, which displays three parameters at once:

  • Pressure measurement from internal or external sensor
  • Sourced/simulated or measured mA values
  • Temperature measured by optional RTD probe


FLUKE 719Pro Applications:

  • Pressure switches
  • Pressure gauges
  • I to P converters
  • Measure or generate 4 to 20 mA
  • Measure 0 to 30 V dc
  • Temperature measurement from -50 to 150 °C (with optional 720 RTD probe)
  • Extended pressure measurement range (with 750P Pressure Modules)


What comes with the FLUKE 719Pro?

  • Test leads with alligator clips
  • Printed user‘s manual and user‘s manual on CD-ROM in 14 languages
  • Fluid trap
  • Carrying case
  • 1/4 inch NPT to 1/4 inch ISO adapter
  • Accessory hose kit with (2) 1/8 inch quick fit adapters and 1 meter of hose
  • Traceable Certificate of Calibration


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 719Pro 30G Electric Pressure Calibrator

Measure pressure to 10,000 psi/690BarWith 750P5000 psi300 psi100 psi300 psi
Generate pressure with internal manual pump
Generate pressure with internal electric pump
Measure mA and provide loop power721 Only
Source and simulate mA signals
Measure continuity (for pressure switch contacts)
Source and measure frequency
Measure temperature with accessory RTD or TC Probe
Documenting functionality for upload download
HART Communication
Measurement logging
Error calculation for pass fail tests
Measure voltage dc721 Only
Source voltage dc
Measure volts ac for live voltage pressure switch tests
Simulate thermocouple, RTDs for temperature tests
Ex rated models for testing in I.S. classified areas721Ex Only


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
FLUKE-720RTD RTD Probe for 721 721Ex and 719Pro £261.00 ADD