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TPI Europe
9080 Std Vibration Analyser Kit with Accelerometer Standard Version

The TPI Europe 9080 is a simple, easy to use, low cost vibration analyser & smart trend meter that records, analyses & displays vibration signals.

Part Number:
9080 - Std

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TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser and Smart Trend Meter Standard Kit

The 9080 is a simple-to-use vibration monitoring and analysis tool which displays vibration signals.  Taking regular readings over time with a vibration analyser will better allow you to understand the maintenance which needs to be carried out.  Trend lines show problems before they happen!

The 9080 Vibration Analyser has single button operation and a traffic light warning system which indicates overall machine and bearing conditions.  Vibration values are displayed with colour coded alarm levels for ISO values and Bearing Damage (BOU).

The 9080 is an expert system which will analyse and indicate balance, misalignment and overall looseness.  Use the included VibTrend Software to save, analyse and trend data in order to detect machine faults.  Store analyse and report on all your vibration parameters in one place; up to 10 assets with 10 readings per asset (Windows 10 compatible).  The 800-line spectrum, with zoom and cursor, helps technicians identify more complex issues. 

The TPI 9080 has a cable mounted accelerometer with magnet which attaches to the unit by a BNC connection.

The system is designed to enable a user to take vibration measurements from assets (e.g. pumps, motors, fans and bearings) . The unit displays vibration frequency plots and allows vibration severity and bearing condition to be monitored.

The 9080 optional strobe attachment for determining machine speed and optional Bluetooth connected headphones for listening to bearing noise.

TPI 9080 Key Features:

  • Find machine faults before they stop your machine
  • Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Industry approved ear defenders with built-in Bluetooth headphones are also available to let you listen to the bearing noise – or even listen to your phone!
  • Collect data
  • Trend data using VibTrend software
  • Standard Cable mounted accelerometer with magnet
  • Built-in Bluetooth communication capability
  • USB docking station to download to a PC
  • ISO built-in Alarms
  • Easily identify bearing problems with BDU Reading
  • Easily identify problems with built-in band filters:
    • 1X (unbalance)
    • 2X (misalignment)
    • 3X (looseness)
  • 800 line FFT (spectrum)
  • Rugged IP67 case
  • 3-year Limited Warranty

TPi 9080 Applications:

  • Commercial and Industrial HVAC
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Packaging
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power Plants
  • Utilities
  • Automotive

What‘s Included with the TPI 9080 Standard Kit?

  • 9080 Vibration Meter
  • A9012 BNC cabled accelerometer
  • A9073 Magnet mount
  • A9081 Docking cradle & USB Cable
  • A9087 Carry Case
  • VibTrend PC software limited to 10 assets

What‘s extra in the TPI 9080 Pro Kit?

  • PC Licence for Unlimited number of assets

What‘s extra in the TPI 9080 Plus Kit?

  • A9072 Stinger 100mm
  • A9082 BNC Strobe/Flashlight
  • A9086 Magnetic Protective Rubber Boot





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