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VS80 Videoscope Screen (No Camera Probes)

FLIR VS80 High-Performance Videoscope Kits with a choice of 7 camera probes for a variety of applications with vivid 7-inch colour touchscreen display. FLIR Tools Mobile app compatible, enables simple file sharing with colleagues and customers.

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FLIR VS80 Videoscope Screen and Kits

The FLIR VS80 has seven unique compatible probes* so all your videoscope applications are covered. The SV80 plus the probes enable inspections in those difficult and unsafe areas to access. Waterproof (IP67) camera tips means the SV80 is built for your environment, giving you the flexibility for virtually any type of inspection.

The FLIR VS80 boosts a large 7-inch touchscreen and all the probe options are narrow enough for small openings and tight spaces. Simultaneously view a live camera image and a saved image side by side on this large display for easy comparison.

View saved images on your mobile phone or tablet via the FLIR Tools Mobile app. Download files, and share them easily with customers or colleagues.

*Choose from seven small-diameter probe options to respond to any inspection requirement, including HD and dual HD probes.


FLIR VS80 Is Built For Your Environment:

  • Kickstand and neck strap for easy transportation and in-field use
  • Rugged and durable to withstand a 2 m drop
  • Camera is splash proof (IP54 rated)
  • Probe tips are waterproof (IP67 rated)
  • Install the sun visor when using the VS80 outdoors and in other environments where bright light makes it difficult to see the screen


FLIR VS80 Key Features:

  • Versatile, rugged and reliable professional videoscope
  • Inspect places your old videoscope with probe options to include:
    • Thermal camera probe
    • 2-way and 4-way articulating probe cameras
    • Plumbing probe
  • Sharp, vivid images and videos
  • Catch degrading components prior to failure
  • Improve inspection speed and inspect hard-to-reach components without disassembling equipment
  • Work for 8+ hours without recharging the battery
  • View detailed imagery with 10 mm to infinity visual probe depth of field
  • Identify, document and share
    • Report your findings quickly and easily
    • View live video on an external monitor or screen using the HDMI output
    • Capture up to 1280 × 720 HD resolution still images and video (with audio)
    • Record voice annotations over video and add text notes to saved images
    • Quickly create reports using FLIR Thermal Studio or your preferred reporting software, and share findings with team members to prioritise repairs



▶ Video: Teledyne FLIR VS80 Launch Video:

Thumbnail for the Teledyne FLIR video


FLIR VS80 Options:

  • (VS80) Standalone VS80 base unit (no probe)
  • (VS80-KIT-1) VS80 Kit 1 - General purpose kit including 5.5mm x 1m long camera probe
  • (VS80-KIT-2) VS80 Kit 2 - Videoscope kit with 2-way articulating 4.5mm x 1m long camera probe
  • (VS80-KIT-3) VS80 Kit 3 - Videoscope kit with dual HD camera 4.9mm x 1m long camera probe
  • (VS80-KIT-4) VS80 Kit 4 - Videoscope kit with 4-way articulating 6.0mm x 2m long camera probe
  • (VS80-KIT-5) VS80 Kit 5 - Videoscope kit with plumbing spool and 10mm x 25m long camera probe
  • (VS80-KIT-6) VS80 Kit 6 - Videoscope kit with HD 5.5mm x 1m long camera probe
  • (VS80-IR21) VS80 Kit IR21 - Videoscope kit with IR thermal 19mm x 1m long camera probe


Probes for the SV80 Videoscrope


What comes with the FLIR VS80?

  • FLIR VS80 High-Performance Videoscope
  • Selected probe (if applicable)
  • Neck strap
  • Hand straps
  • Audio headset
  • Removable/retractable sun visor
  • Power adapter with AC plugs (for US, UK, EU, AUS)
  • Heavy duty shipping/carrying case
  • 32GB microSD memory card
  • USB C to USB A cable
  • Micro HDMI to HDMI video cable
  • Quick start guide


Technical Specification for: FLIR VS80 Videoscope Screen (No Camera Probes)

Kit NumberVS80 - Kit - 2VS80 - Kit - 3VS80 - Kit - 1VS80 - Kit - 6VS80 - Kit - 4VS80 - Kit - 5VS80 - Kit - IR21
Includes2 Way Articulating ProbeDual HD Probe General Purpose ProbeHD Probe 4 Way Camera Articulating Probe Plumbing Camera Probe IR Thermal Camera Probe
Probe Diameter3.9mm4.9mm5.5mm5.5mm6.0mm10mm10.4mm
Scope Diameter4.5mm4.9mm5.5mm5.5mm6.0mm10mm10.4mm
Scope Length14mm21.3mm20mm20mm23.55mm16.74mm53.7mm
Articulating Probe2 way 180°4 way 110°
ExteriorStainless steel meshSemi-rigidSemi-rigidSemi-rigidStainless steel meshFRPSemi-rigid
Available Length1m1m1m1m2m25m1m
Depth of Field (DOF)1cm to infinity1cm to infinity1cm to infinity1cm to infinity1cm to infinity1cm to infinity15cm to infinity
Field of View (FOV)90°90°90°90°87.1°87.1°7.1°
Side-view SolutionSide-view cameraMirror adapterMirror adapter
Camera Resolution640x4801280x720640x4801280x720640x480640x480160x120
LED Illumination (front/side)5F: 5/S:1F: 4/S:2F: 4/S:2F: 3/S:2F: 1/S:1
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
VS80CIR-21 VS80 160 × 120 IR Thermal Camera Probe (19 mm × 1 m Long) £819.00 ADD
VS80C55-1RM VS80 Camera Probe (5.5 mm × 1 m Long) £579.00 ADD
VS80A2-45-1RM VS80A2-45-1RM VS80 2-way Articulating Camera Probe (4.5 mm × 1 m Long) £1,699.00 ADD
VS80A4-60-2RM VS80 4-way Articulating Camera Probe (6.0 mm × 2 m Long) £3,799.00 ADD
VS80C10-25RM VS80C10-25RM VS80 Plumbing Spool and Camera Probe (10 mm × 25 m Long) £3,799.00 ADD
VS80CHD-55-1RM VS80CHD-55-1RM VS80 HD Camera Probe (5.5 mm × 1 m Long) £819.00 ADD
VS80C2-49-1RM VS80 Dual HD Camera Probe (4.9 mm × 1 m Long) £1,299.00 ADD