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DS703 FC Diagnostic Scope

FLUKE DS703 FC Videoscope also known as a Borescope or Diagnostic Scope is rugged & has industrial 1200 x 720 resolution with dual-view probe camera.

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FLUKE DS703 FC Videoscope / Borescope / Diagnostic Scope

Do you work with gritty, industrial, expensive equipment?

Diagnose before you ‘get rid‘ with the durability of the FLUKE DS703!  A powerful, rugged diagnostic Borescope designed to stand up to the dirtiest, most harsh environments.

DS701 Borescope is a 1200 x 720 (864,000 pixels) high resolution diagnostic tool offering impressive processing speeds that render a smooth, clear, consistent image on a 7” LCD screen for accurate diagnostics in those hard to reach spaces.  Its high-definition probe is complete with dual-view camera.

Up is Up technology rotates the display screen to allow for appropriate image display, regardless of the orientation of the probe (8.5 millimeter, 1.2 meter probe only). Intuitive user interface with easy to navigate button technology.  Macro to micro zoom function and adjustable LED lighting and digital zoom result in quality images every time!

Expand the flexibility of your videoscope with optional probes offering cameras that range in diameter from 3.8 MM to 8.5 MM, and probes as long as 20 meters.  Equip yourself the right probe for your environment.

Those high-resolution images you need to get the job done... in the palm of your hand!


How is the DS703 FC different to the DS701?

The clue is in the title; DS703 comes with FLUKEConnect connectivity Save time: Wirelessly sync images directly from your videoscope to the FLUKE Connect system, and attach to an asset record or work order. Having access to maintenance records simultaneously at the inspection site and from the office or an off-site location enables faster decision making and real-time collaboration between team members. You can also live stream images or videos from your scope to a smartphone or PC.


▶ Machine Diagnostics Is Important: DS703 / DS701


FLUKE DS703 FC Key Features:

  • Superior image quality
  • High resolution 1200 x 720 (864,000 pixels)
  • Dual view camera
  • Intuitive user interface with easy to navigate button technology
  • Adjustable lighting to capture the best image
  • Auto zoom
  • Macro to micro zoom function
  • Processing speeds that render a smooth, clear, consistent image
  • 7" LCD screen for easy viewing
  • True 720p video 


FLUKE DS703 FC Applications:

  • Industry - Maintenance Manager: Pumps, Motors, Gear boxes, Compressors, Turbines
  • Production - Mechanical Maintenance Teams: Factory MIA goods, Conveyors, Roller bearings, Production line rotating machinery, Gear boxes
  • Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance Technician: Engine sections, Airframes, Flaps, Turbines, Hydraulic lines, HP sections
  • Heavy Duty - Industrial Maintenance Team: Sewer lines, Industrial pipelines, Off shore structural components, Industrial HVAC systems
  • Automotive - Quality Assurance Manager: Casting goods, Combustion chambers, Engines


What comes with the DS703 FC?

  • Diagnostic videoscope with 1.2m, 8.5mm semi-ridged probe
  • Hand strap and neck strap
  • USB cable
  • AC power supply/battery charger
  • TPAK magnetic hanger
  • Protective EVA case


Comparison Chart for: Fluke DS703 FC Diagnostic Scope

Probe length1.2 meter (3.94 feet)1.2 meter (3.94 feet)
Detachable, semi-ridged, waterproof, immersible to 1 meter or more in depth
Includes probe8.5 mm (0.33 inches)8.5 mm (0.33 inches)
Optional probes3.8 mm, 5.5 mm, 9 mm3.8 mm, 5.5 mm, 9 mm
MaterialElastomer coated steelElastomer coated steel
LightingAdjustable LED, one front, one sideAdjustable LED, one front, one side
Illumination53 Lux53 Lux
Up is Up TechnologyRegardless of probe orientation (8.5 / 1.2 mm probe only)Regardless of probe orientation (8.5 / 1.2 mm probe only)
CameraDual view camera, forward and sideDual view camera, forward and side
Resolution800 x 600 (480,000 pixels)1200 x 720 (864,000 pixels)
Still image formatJPGJPG
Video recording formatAVIAVI
Video output formatMPEG compressionMPEG compression
Digital zoomAdjustable from 1x to 8x zoomAdjustable from 1x to 8x zoom
Field of view68°68°
Depth of field25 mm to infinity25 mm to infinity
Video resolutionStandard720p
Minimum focus distance10 mm10 mm
Focus typeFixedFixed
Image rotation180° 180°
Streaming videoVia HDMI and Fluke Connect®
Wireless interfaceWiFi 802.11b/g/n, Range: 33 feet (10.06 meters)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
Fluke 3.8mm Scope Optional 1 meter, 3.8 millimeter camera probe for the Fluke Videoscope £639.00 ADD
FLK-5.5MM/1M Probe Optional 1 meter, 5.5 millimeter camera probe for the Fluke Videoscope £460.00 ADD
FLK-8.5MM/1M UVPROBE Optional 1 meter, 8.5 millimeter UV camera probe for the Fluke Videoscope £655.00 ADD
FLK-8.5MM/1.2M Probe Optional 1.2 meter, 8.5 millimeter camera probe with Up is Up™ for the Fluke Videoscope £194.00 ADD
FLK-8.5MM/3M Probe Optional 3 meter, 8.5 millimeter camera probe for the Fluke Videoscope, DS701 and DS703 FC £563.00 ADD
FLK-9MM/20M PROBE Optional 20 meter, 9 millimeter camera scope reel for the Fluke Videoscope, DS701 and DS703 FC £1,864.00 ADD
FLK-DS NECK STRAP Fluke DS 7XX Neckstrap £50.00 ADD