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Videoscopes and How They Help Industry Professionals

Teledyne FLIR manufacture Industrial Videoscopes, designed to help professionals quickly and safely find hidden dangers in difficult-to-access locations. The VS80 for example enables users to catch degrading equipment before catastrophic failure. This results in lower maintenance costs, lower financial outlay for replacement equipment, higher productivity and improved safety!

Videoscopes are a widely-utilised instrument in many industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Power generation
  • Oil and Gas (eg. Maintenance Manager / Reliability Specialist)
  • Automotive 
  • Metals
  • Pulp and paper
  • Manufacturing (eg. Maintenance Manager / Reliability Specialist / NDT Technician)
  • Pipelines
  • Plant maintenance
  • Building inspections (inc. HVAC, cavity, indoor air quality, plumbing, pest removal applications)
  • Research and development
  • High-end consultant services (eg. Reliability Consultant / Wind Turbine Inspector)
  • Specialty service providers
  • NDT services
  • Police/Fire Services (search and rescue)

A small example of videoscope applications - they provide the insight needed to troubleshoot and make important decisions efficiently:

  • Inspect of large gearboxes or motors and other equipment
  • Automotive inspections; looking for carbon deposits and signs of wear on engine components
  • Building inspections; looking for HVAC and pipe blockages, signs of rodents, mould, or moisture, and generally see what's going on in difficult to access locations!

As an industrial professional you may be asking:

  1. Can I inspect hard to reach components with a videoscope, without disassembling to improve plant safety and reliability?
  2. Can a videoscope inspect gearboxes, production machinery and other mechanical equipment in my plant?
  3. Can a videoscope provide high quality visual imagery to identify signs of wear over time?
  4. Can a videoscope provide high quality visual images and videos for documentation and reporting?

YES, a videoscope can be the answer to all the above applications!


As a building trade professional you may be asking:

  1. Can a videoscope inspect difficult to access areas like attics, crawl spaces and inside wall cavities?
  2. Can a videoscope inspect inside HVAC equipment or plumbing?
  3. Can a videoscope provide high quality visual imagery go along way to accurately identify what's going on?
  4. Can a videoscope help provide my customer with before and after videos to support my work?

YES, a videoscope can be the answer to all the above applications!


Two Popular Teledyne FLIR Videoscopes:

VS290 Thermal MSX Videoscope and VS80 High-Performance Videoscope

VS290 is equipped with thermal camera at the end of a long cable.

Example industry: Electrical Utilities sector Example application: Underground Vault Inspection for heat

  • Two CAT IV 600V rated thermal camera probes (round and rectangular) to get through manhole cover openings
  • RJPEG image with MSX

VS80 is a high performance Videoscope which offers a thermal probe as one of its 7 probe options.

Example industry: Manufacturing / Building sector Example application: Maintenance and NDT Inspection for wear

  • Six small diameter visual camera specialty probes
  • One general purpose thermal camera probe