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HAL LED Production Line Tester

CLARE HAL LED Production Line Tester for LED lighting & other luminaire products. Capture the day‘s results on even the busiest of production lines. Designed with safe testing practices in mind & with quality systems placing more pressure on manufacturers to provide TRACEABLE, accurate results... the HAL LED delivers!

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Seaward Clare HAL LED Production Line Tester

The HAL LED has been designed with a reduced power measurement range with greater resolution than the HAL 104, making it ideal for the testing of low power electronics such as LED lighting.

With LED lighting fast becoming the choice for the ‘green’ conscious consumer; manufacturers are striving to produce more efficient lighting solutions for a competitive market. HAL LED is ideal when safety testing LED and other luminaire products at the production line stage; with 200mVA resolution, the HAL LED is designed so that manufacturers can measure the output of every product manufactured to ensure it falls within acceptable power limits, giving the manufacturer peace of mind that correct components, such as LED drivers, were fitted at time of manufacture.

CLARE HAL LED Key Features:

  • Designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency
  • A safety test solution for LED lighting manufacturers in accordance with UL 1598, UL 8750
  • Greater accuracy for low power verification - 1000VA power measuring range with 200mVA power resolution
  • Flexible parameters allow for worldwide product testing to meet IEC/EN/UL international standards
  • Eliminates the pressure of manually logging test results (Date/Time stamps for each product tested with optional product identifier field eg. serial/batch)
    • Large memory capable of storing 6000 tested products
  • Barcode scanner support enables fast, accurate data entry
  • Can be used standalone, with software or remote controlled
  • Complete flexibility no matter the application
  • Isolated test outputs when performing Flash (HiPot) and Insulation resistance tests reduce the potential for shock
    • Built-in guard switch enables automatic disconnection of test voltages if opened, ideal for ensuring safety if a person accidentally enters the test area during a potentially hazardous test. That coupled with a ‘plug and play’ style beacon port enables clear identification when high voltage testing is being performed.
  • Flexible user-configurable test sequences; store up to 50 in its automatic mode configuration
    • Each test sequence can comprise of up to 5 individual tests (not including repeats).  Once configured, automatic mode provides a structured and repeatable method of testing, ensuring that the required test parameters and timings are adhered to during end-of-production line test requirements.

CLARE HAL LED Electrical Test Functions:

  • Power/Functional Test (From Line Power or 50/60Hz 80 -250V via External Supply)
  • Protective Conductor Current Test (Leakage)
  • Touch Current Test
  • 50Hz Flash/HiPot/Dielectric Strength Test
  • 60Hz Flash/HiPot/Dielectric Strength Test
  • DC Flash/HiPot/Dielectric Strength Test
  • Earth/Ground Bond test
  • Insulation Resistance Test

CLARE HAL LED Perfect For:

  • Medium-large scale electrical manufacturers
  • LED lighting manufacturers
  • LED lighting importers
  • QA and product auditing departments and manufacturers of low powered equipment

What comes with the CLARE HAL LED?

  • (477A675) 1 x Output Box for Connections
  • 1 x Earth Bond Probe with Remote
  • (01520/1) Start Switch
  • (H-5003) 1 x Flash/HiPot Clip
  • (03919/2) 1 x HiPot Probe
  • (DCS317) 1 x Guard Switch for EN50191 Compliance
  • 1 x 19 Way I/O connector
  • 1 x 12 Way I/O Connector
  • (39044) 1 x Mains Power Lead
  • 1 x Manual
  • (H-5014) 1 x Data Cable



Comparison Chart for: Clare HAL LED Production Line Tester

Ground Bond Test
AC/Hipot Test
DC/Hipot Test
DC Insulation Resistance Test
ARC Detection
Leakage Test
Load Power Test
Load Power (200mVA resolution) Test
Power Factor
Results Memory
Automation Option
Barcode Scanner/Printer Option


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
H-5003 HT Output Clip Lead £42.00 ADD
312A952 Desk Test n Tag Printer Ribbon £50.00 ADD
194A922 Barcode Scanner £168.00 ADD
48319 13A Mains Lead; 1.5m £41.00 ADD
H-5017 Status Beacon - HAL Series £235.00 ADD
03919/2 2m HT Probe Yellow with HT Plug £80.00 ADD
H-5014 Comms Lead £42.00 ADD
312A916 Desk Test 'n' Tag Printer £565.00 ADD
01520/1 1m Earth Probe £114.00 ADD
03918/2 2m HT Probe; Red £75.00 ADD
H-5030 Printer Lead (Desk Test 'n' Tag) £52.00 ADD