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RCDT320 RCD Tester for Electricians

Megger RCDT320 covers a wider supply voltage range of 50 V to 280 V, allowing use with centre-tapped 110 V supplies. It incorporates ramp testing, for RCD tripping current measurement, & the unique auto sequence test feature saves time allowing the tester to conduct all the RCD tests, storing the results while the operator stands by, resetting as appropriate.

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Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester for Electricians (Residual Current Device Tester)

The Megger RCD testers provide the full solution to RCD testing.

The RCDT tests not only Type A and Type AC RCDs, but also the selective (time delayed) variants of both types, performing 1⁄2I, 1I and 5I tests on RCDs rated at 30 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA and 500 mA tested at 0° or 180°.

The Megger RCDT320 has an extended operating current range to cover 10 mA to 1,000 mA devices, and the ability to measure AC supply voltage and frequency is added.  The large liquid crystal display for test results is backlit in this model, making it easier to use in locations with low ambient light levels.

Touch voltage is measured at the start of a test, and will automatically inhibit if it exceeds the pre-set level.  Touch voltage inhibit is selectable from 25 V to 50 V.  


Megger RCDT320 time saving features!

Auto RCD testing - Megger RCDT320 will automatically cycle through the 1⁄2I, 1I and 5I tests at 0° or 180° recording the results, so you can stay with and reset the RCD. This means the job gets done faster, saving not only your time but your legs as well!

Ramp testing to measure the trip current of an RCD – the test current is slowly increased from 1⁄2I to 1I+10%. The trip current is held on the display, making it quicker and easier to diagnose nuisance tripping.

RCDs on 110 V (55 V - 0 - 55 V) centre tapped site supplies can be tested by the Megger RCDT320 due to its wide operating voltage range of 50 V to 280 V.


Safety - Is The Number One Concern

  • Built in safety features to look after you and the tester
    • Safety interlock to prevent unsafe connection of the test leads
    • Test inhibit, if the supply voltage exceeds 280 V
    • 3 phase safe – even when connected across phases, both you and the tester will remain safe
    • LED connection indicators display correct test lead connection, making sure it is right first time
  • Megger RCD testers are so easy to use and quick to learn
    • There are no buried functions, so they are easy to use
    • Ramp test to quickly identify over-sensitive RCDs
    • The quick start guide in the lid keeps all the basic information at hand when you need it


Megger RCDT320 Built For Your Environment!

We all know testers receive a bashing on-site, however Megger RCDTs are rubber armoured with an integral solid lid to cover the display.  The lid has a heavy-duty hinge that locks away underneath when in use, making it easy to use and impossible to lose.  And you don’t need to pull out the test leads to shut the lid!


Megger RCDT320 Key Features:

  • Tough / Easy-to-use / Safe
  • Tough rubber armoured case with built-in cover
  • Clear LED polarity indicator
  • Large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display (backlit)
  • Super grip test leads with lock on croc clips
  • Hands free auto-RCD testing
  • Tests standard, DC and selective RCDs
  • Ramp testing
  • Auto (Remote) testing
  • 3 Phase safe
  • Enables testing on 110 V centre tapped supplies
  • Weatherproof to IP54


What comes with the Megger RCDT320?

  • Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester
  • (BS1363) Mains Plug Test Lead
  • 2-Wire Test Lead With Prods and Clips


Comparison Chart for: Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester for Electricians

RCD testing
1/2I, 1I, 5I RCD trip time test
Selective breakers
Type A and AC breakers (1/2I, 1I, 5I)
Programmable RCD
30, 100, 300, 500 mA RCDs
10, 1000 mA RCDs
RCD trip current test (RAMP)
Auto RCD test
0°/180° polarity selection
Touch voltage selectable
Max touch voltage (25 V/50 V)
Operating range 100 to 280 V
Operating range 50 to 280 V
3-Phase safe
Large clear display
Battery status indication
Auto power down
Fuse blown indication
Data storage
Download via USB port
IP54 weatherproof
IEC61010-1 CATIII 300 V
Accessories included
UK mains test lead
2 wire test lead with probes and clips
Warranty upgradeable to 3 years FREE
Free calibration certificate
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1000-562 Probe Cap [clear] bag of 20 £26.00 ADD
1001-883 Test Lead Set 3- wire Red/Black/Green with prods/clips (Special plug) price on request
1004-323b SIA10 Interface Adaptor UK 3-Lead (Boxed) £39.00 ADD
1007-003 Blow Moulded Case Catch (Pack of 10) £19.00 ADD
1007-167 Blow Moulded Case MIT300 Series/LT/RCDT £24.00 ADD
6231-601 UK Mains Plug Leadset £22.00 ADD