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T&R Test Equipment
ART3V Relay Tester

The T&R ART3V is a trusted & reliable voltage source for relay testing. Tests G59/G99 protection, incl. loss of mains protection, vector surge, df/dt (ROCOF) relays & other protection requiring 1 to 3 voltages.

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  • Competitive quote
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T&R ART3V Relay Test System - Improved accuracy, stability & features

This product is now obsolete. To find out more about other Relay Testers available CLICK HERE.

The T&R ART3V Relay Test System has been designed for testing voltage and frequency protection relays. It generates a three phase voltage output from a single phase supply, and may be used in conjunction with a current source to test directional relay protection.


T&R ART3V Easy to Understand Interface

The ART3V features output voltages with a higher and have a finer level of accuracy and control than its predecessors; and boasts a large, full colour, back-lit LCD display (6.5") providing even more test detail! - Including contact set status, and a phasor diagram.

Its user interface is an improvement of the DVS3 mk2 allowing simple testing of complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems; And defined menu options are selected by dedicated buttons on the panel, allowing easy mode change. Values may be either typed in at the capacitive keypad or finely varied using a smooth rotary encoder.


▶ ART 3V Relay Test System for G99 Testing

T & R Test Equipment ART 3V Relay Test System for G99 Testing


T&R ART3V Key Features:

  • Provides highly stable and accurate output with very low distortion 
  • Each phase output is individually adjustable for voltage, frequency and phase angle
  • Bespoke test procedures can be created for step changes of any output variable at set times or with automatic timing of the response of the relay under test
  • 3-f Voltage output from 1-f supply
  • 0-450V f-N output voltage
  • 20VA/phase maximum output
  • Variable Frequency 30-999.9Hz
  • Phase shift ±180.0°
  • Multi-function timing system
  • USB keyboard for comment
  • USB data storage
  • Automatic mains voltage selection



T&R ART3V Applications:

  • G59/G99 protection, including loss of mains protection
  • Vector surge and df/dt (ROCOF) relays can be simply tested and timed, as well as other protection requiring one to three voltages, including:
    • Under and over frequency relays
    • Under and over voltage relays
    • Synchronising relays
    • df/dt & ROCOF relays
    • Vector surge relays
    • Transducers


In conjunction with the ART3C or a current source (such as the 200ADM-P), the ART3V can be used to test protection circuits, including: Directional relays, Distance protection, Phase angle relays, Power relays, Power transducers


What does the T&R ART3V come with?

  • Output lead set
  • Lead set case
  • Mains lead
  • Spare fuse set
  • Operating manual


Technical Specification for: T&R Test Equipment ART3V Relay Tester

Voltage0 - 450 V ac phase-neutral.
Current (continuous)40 mA at 450 V.
Voltage resolution0.01 V phase-neutral.
Phase rotation±180.0º.
Voltage accuracy±0.1% rdg + 2d *All output ratings are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.
Modes Of Operation - Output Adjust
Frequency Range30 - 999.99 Hz.
Frequency resolution0.01 Hz.
Frequency accuracy±0.05% rdg + 2d.
Phase resolution0.1º.
Phase accuracy±0.1º phase to phase.
Phase Lock Mode
Phase lock range45 - 65 Hz.
External voltage ref.20 - 250 V AC.
External current ref.0.2-5 A AC.
Phase resolution0.1º.
Phase accuracy ±0.3º phase to phase (±3.0º reference to output)
Timing System
Timer resolution1/10/100 ms.
Timer full scale0 - 999.999s/9999.99s/99999.9s.
Timer accuracy±0.01% rdg + 2d.
Contact O/C voltage24 V.
Contact S/C current20 mA.
Vdc input range24 - 240 V dc
General Specifications
Supply Requirements90V - 264 V ±10% 45 - 65Hz 1ph 300 VA max.
Storage temperature-20°C to 60°C.
Operating temperature0°C to 45°C.
Dimensions419 x 325 x 195mm.
Weight8.9 kg.
T&R ART 3V warranty12 months.
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