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T&R Test Equipment
200ADM -P Secondary Current Injection System

The T&R 200ADM -P is a Secondary Current Injection System with a wide range of advanced features including phase shift, data storage & harmonic analysis. Related applications: G59/G99 protection testing, relay tests

Part Number:
200ADM-P Mk2 258

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T&R 200ADM -P Secondary Current Injection System

The 200ADM -P is a flexible current injection system capable of supplying currents of up to 200A AC into a variety of loads. The unit is designed for testing devices used for power system protection, but can be used wherever a high current AC source is required. The outputs may also be used in voltage mode to supply voltages of up to 240Vac.

The unit has an auxiliary AC output with variable phase and variable frequency. This may be used to supply a voltage up to 260V or a second current (up to 10A) to the device under test.

Accurate metering facilities with a fast capture time and a very flexible timing system are provided. A stabilised auxiliary DC output is provided to provide power to the device under test.

An auxiliary metering input is available, allowing the measurement of voltage, current, frequency, phase, and harmonics. In conjunction with the main current output this can also measure power and impedance.

The 200ADM -P is designed to be used on ‘dead’ systems (i.e. no externally supplied voltages are present on the test object. Do not connect the 200ADM -P to a live system. Always check that the power to the device under test is off and the circuit is isolated before making any connections.


T&R 200ADM -P Test Results:

The 200ADM-P can store all displayed values to a spreadsheet file whenever the timer stops or the output is switched off.  This is useful for recording all results, plotting relay curves and plotting transformer magnetisation curves.  Files are stored on the USB key; to use plug a USB key into the unit and it will use its real-time clock to time/date stamp all results.  A comment for the data can be entered using the arrows keys on the unit, or by plugging in a compatible USB keyboard. This USB port can also be used to attach a printer (see accessories list).


T&R 200ADM -P Key Features:

  • 0-200A output current
  • True RMS metering with 1 cycle capture
  • Variable auxiliary ac voltage/ current output with phase shift
  • Auxiliary metering input V, f, Φ, Z, P, S, PF, CT ratio, harmonics & more
  • Variable auxiliary output 12-220Vdc
  • Multi-function auto-ranging timing system
  • Current limit mode for fine control
  • Data storage to USB memory key including waveform & harmonics USB keyboard/printer interface
  • Automatic mains voltage selection


What comes with the T&R 200ADM -P?

T & R 200ADM-P Secondary Current Injection Test Set

  • Operating Manual
  • Output Lead Set
  • Mains Lead
  • Spare Fuses
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Memory Key

See data sheet for lead sets and optional accessories.

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Technical Specification for: T&R Test Equipment 200ADM -P Secondary Current Injection System

Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
Printer Kit 210 Printer Kit (for DVS3/DSM/DMO/ADM range of test sets) £639.00 ADD
A000-0002 Mini USB Keyboard (for use with 200ADM-P/DMO200) £39.00 ADD
A000-0003 Micro 2GB USB flash drive £70.00 ADD
A003-107 Timer Lead (Pushbutton timer lead for ADM range & most SCITS) price on request
A199-0003 100AL (Replacement lead set for 100ADM mk2/3; 200ADM & PCU1-SP with grey case) £854.00 ADD