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ST240+ RCD Socket Tester

FLUKE ST240+ Socket Tester with RCD test button & beeper to alert you to voltage present, plus a handy chart to identify 1 of 6 outlet wiring conditions.

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FLUKE ST240+ RCD Socket Tester with Beeper

Checks each wire in the outlet is properly connected to the building’s electrical system. The LED‘s on the facia quickly and easily verify the wiring of an outlet, allowing you to identify several common wiring errors, including reversed live and neutral wires and an earth fault.

The FLUKE ST240+ provides a unique audible alert anytime voltage is detected.


Save Time With The FLUKE ST240+

Save time when trying to identify which circuit breaker is connected to which outlet; simply plug in the socket tester, walk to the circuit breaker panel, and listen for the beeper to turn off or on when you flip the breakers. Once it does, you’ve found the correct breaker!

When switched on, the integrated beeper can also alert you to hazardous voltage at the outlet, even if the wiring is incorrect. Working in an office, hospital or other location where you don’t want to interrupt others? No problem as the beeper can be switched off and on to suit your environment.


FLUKE ST240+ One-Button RCD Testing:

The included RCD test button allows you to test the operation of RCD outlets.  With a single push, the ST240+ can verify the operation of your RCD equipped outlet. If the RCD trips as expected, perfect, you can move on. If not, it’s time to take a closer look!


FLUKE ST240+ Key Features:

  • Save time by eliminating multiple trips back and forth by using the beeper to help identify if a circuit breaker is switched on or off
  • Equipped with a integrated RCD test; feel secure knowing your RCD outlets are functioning correctly
  • Hear the results with a beeper which lets you know anytime voltage is detected
  • A handy chart to quickly identify 1 of 6 outlet wiring conditions:
    • Correct installation
    • Earth fault
    • Neutral fault
    • Live fault
    • Live/neutral reversed
    • Live/earth reversed


What comes with the FLUKE ST240+?

  • FLUKE ST240+ RCD Socket Tester with Beeper



Technical Specification for: Fluke ST240+ RCD Socket Tester

Rated operating voltage230 V ac +/-10% at 4 mA
Wattage.92 W typical
Frequency50 Hz
Integrated, switchable beeper
RCD test
Indicator lights1 red, 2 green LEDs
Rating300 V CAT II
Warranty2 Years
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