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Socket & See
SOK65/16HD 400V Industrial Socket Tester

Socket & See SOK65/16HD 400V Industrial Socket Tester. Phase clearly identified as L1, L2, L3 with instant phase sequence identified as 3 green LEDs ‘rotating‘ clockwise, with a continuous tone.

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Socket & See SOK65/16HD 400V Industrial Socket Tester

Instructions for use:

Insert plug into socket and switch on supply.

The LED’s will indicate phase present (LED on) or disconnected (LED off). If all 3 phases are connected the LED’s will ‘rotate’ to give - clockwise 3 green LED’s rotating with a continuous tone or counter clockwise 3 red LED’s ‘rotating’ with a warble warning tone.

If a phase is missing that phase will not be on. The other 2 LED’s of the 3 phase indication will flash to show they are present.

The fourth LED on the instrument is identified as PC-N on the face label. When all 3 phases are present it indicates the presence (Green) or absence (Red) of the protective earth conductor. To test a supply that has a phase missing the PC-N LED may alternatively flash red and green. In these circumstances you should correct the phase fault firstly and the re-test.

The SOK65 can be used in conjunction with the SOK ADP65 for testing 32A industrial sockets.


Socket & See SOK65 Key Features:

  • Tough rubber holster for heavy duty use
  • Phase clearly identified as L1, L2, L3
  • Provides instant phase sequence
  • Correct indication: Green LED’s rotating clockwise
  • Incorrect indication: Red LED’s rotating counter clockwise
  • Continuous (correct) or warbling (incorrect) tone
  • Secure push fit connection
  • Hard wearing flexible cable
  • Long life LED’s


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