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FLK-TRUTEST-LITE Data Management Reporting Software

TruTest Data Management Reporting Software for easy data analysis, reporting & certification. Compatible with a growing list of FLUKE & Beha-Amprobe portable appliance testers & installation testers.

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FLUKE TruTest Data Management Reporting Software

Whether performing fixed wire installation testing or testing portable appliances for safety, FLUKE TruTest Software has your certification and reporting needs covered.

FLUKE TruTest makes transferring data from all FLUKE and Beha-Amprobe installation and portable appliance testers, quick and easy - saving your business time and money.

TruTest allows you to monitor the status of your customers on one simple dashboard allowing you to manage your day-to-day work more efficiently. Setting up customers is easy - create site information using a simple tree structure, or automatically... by downloading direct from your instrument.

Test data can be viewed and analysed, and metadata added via a simple interface. Reports can then be generated or printed with a click of a button... with the option to include the company logo and a signature.

It is an easy-to-use data management solution designed to eliminate the hassle associated with traditional electrical system data management and reporting. Whether you are testing appliances in an office, verifying repairs in a workshop, or performing annual visual inspections, proper data management is critical for producing easy-to-understand reports for clients.

Compatible with a growing list of FLUKE and Beha-Amprobe test and measurement devices, TruTest Software allows you to quickly and easily import measurement results directly from your test instruments, manage files transferred from instruments, or manually enter data as needed.

With a streamlined user interface and intuitive workflow, measurement data can be easily formatted into printable test certificates and reports complete with your company logo and electronic signature.


TruTest Key Features:

  • Easily manage measurement results
  • create reports quickly using the intuitive user interface and custom-report builder
  • Quickly create test certificates and reports
  • Choose from pre-defined automatic test codes, or create your own to ensure technicians gather the right data at the right site
  • Live on-screen intuitive dashboard interface allows the user to see the status of all their clients instantly and navigate to further levels of detail if desired
  • Free updates for 5 years after installation
  • Easy data collection and database transfers
  • Enables manual data entry
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast and simple operations


TruTest Compatibility:

Portable Appliance Testers

  • FLUKE 6500
  • FLUKE 6500-2
  • Beha-Amprobe GT-600
  • Beha-Amprobe GT-650
  • Beha-Amprobe GT-800
  • Beha-Amprobe GT-900

Installation Testers

  • FLUKE 1653
  • FLUKE 1653B
  • FLUKE 1654B
  • FLUKE 1662
  • FLUKE 1663
  • FLUKE 1664 FC
  • Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-100
  • Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-200


Databases from the Fluke DMS Software or Beha-Amprobe ES Control software can also be converted and transferred to the TruTest Software platform*. Microsoft Access Runtime 2016 is required for the DMS/EsControl database conversion.

* see TruTest manual for further details.


Technical Specification for: Fluke FLK-TRUTEST-LITE Data Management Reporting Software

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