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PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit with DC Clamp Multimeter

Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit includes PVM210 Irradiance Meter & DCM340 600 A AC / DC Clamp Multimeter which speeds the measurement of array stings without the need for disconnection. It can also measure DC voltages to 600 V.

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Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit with DC Clamp Meter

When installing, commissioning and testing a photovoltaic installation additional instrumentation is required to accompany the usual electrician’s test equipment such as a multifunction tester.  The Megger PVK330 photovoltaic kit offers this additional instrumentation in the form of a PVM210 irradiance meter, DCM340 600 A AC / DC clamp meter and a kit of specialist solar test leads.  To provide easy storage of the PV kit a zipped pouch is also included.  The PVK330 kit offers the solar / photovoltaic engineer a clamp meter option of verifying, with the PVM210 irradiance meter, the stated short circuit current as provided by the manufacturer of the solar panel as required by published standards.  In addition, this clamp meter offers the option of testing the current within each ‘string’ on a larger solar array without disconnection of cables.

What comes with the Megger PVK330?

  • PVM210 irradiance meter
  • DCM340 600 A ac / dc clamp meter
  • MC4 solar connectors to 4 mm standard plug test leads
  • MC3 to MC4 adapter test leads
  • PV kit storage pouch


Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter:

The PVM210 is a pocket-sized instrument that has both solar detector and meter capabilities.  The unit has a 3¾ digit display and a maximum range of 1999 W/m², plus a hold function to allow easy measurements of solar power.

  • Single unit for one handed use increasing safety on ladders and roofs
  • Perfect for measurement of incident light for PV panel short circuit current calculation
  • 1999 W/m2  range on 33⁄4 digit LCD display
  • Camera mount fixing for accurate placement


Megger DCM340 600 A AC / DC Clamp Meter

The DCM340 clamp meter features 600 V AC / DC and 600 A AC / DC ranges. Additional functions include resistance and frequency. A hold feature to enable easy measurements is also included. The additional functions would also prove to be of use in other sections of the photovoltaic installation. Silicon test leads with probes and a protective storage pouch are provided with each clamp.

  • AC / DC current range
  • Frequency counter
  • Analogue bar graph
  • Back light
  • Large jaws
  • Auto off to conserve batteries


PVK320 Specialist PV Test Leads

In addition to the silicon multimeter test leads supplied with the AVO410, two pairs of specialist solar test leads are included in the PVK320.

The first pair of leads comprise of 1.3 metre test leads terminated at each end with standard 4 mm plugs, while the other ends are terminated with the typical MC4 type solar panel connector.  Where panels are fitted that utilise MC3 connectors, a pair of MC3 to MC4 0.2 metre adapter leads is supplied for convenience.



Comparison Chart for: Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit with DC Clamp Multimeter

AVO410 CAT IV multimeter
DCM340 Clamp multimeter
PVM210 Irradiance meter
MC3 to MC4 adaptor testleads
MC4 to 4 mm plug testleads
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Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1002-549 Set of MC3 / MC4 Solar Adaptor Test Leads £54.00 ADD