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Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter

Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter measures irradiance as required by IEC complete with built-in compass & inclinometer to measure roof orientation & pitch.

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Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter

Solar Survey 100 designed for solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal installers to conduct comprehensive site surveysComplete with a solar reference cell to measure true irradiance, the Solar Survey provides greater accuracy of measurement data compared to meters which use a photo diode detector.

These rugged handheld units not only measure irradiance, but also have a built-in inclinometer to measure roof pitch, compass to measure roof orientation and thermometer to measure ambient air and module temperature.  Truly versatile and indispensable instruments, ensuring optimum conditions for every system you install.

A high specification irradiance meter designed to simply and quickly measure the sun‘s irradiance, displaying the information in either W/m2 or BTU/hr-ft2, making it ideal for both solar photovoltaic and thermal applications.

The use of a photovoltaic reference cell, provides a more representative measurement of solar energy and greater accuracy and repeatability compared to irradiance meters which use simple photo diode detectors.

Incorporate a display hold feature, which enables the user to easily capture readings in difficult locations. 


Seaward Solar Survey 100 Key Features:

  • Suitable for both photovoltaic and solar thermal installations
  • Measures irradiance as required by IEC 62446
  • Built-in compass and inclinometer measure roof orientation and pitch
  • Rugged, robust build quality and handheld


What comes with the Solar Survey 100?

  • Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter
  • Temperature sensor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Calibration certificate





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IEC 62446 compliant
Irradiance measurement (using solar reference cell)
Compass function
Roof pitch measurement
Ambient temperature
PV module temperature
Data logging function
Wireless connectivity