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DELTA 4110 Insulation Diagnostic System

Megger DELTA Insulation Diagnostic Units have performed successful testing in the world’s most extreme conditions including: high temperatures, low temperatures, high elevations, high noise, & high humidity. For substations & related environments.

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Megger DELTA 4110 / 4310 12 kV Insulation Diagnostic System

The DELTA4000 is used for shop and field testing of high-voltage electrical insulating systems at test voltages up to 12 kV. Test results can be used to evaluate the nature and quality of electrical insulating materials and manufacturing processes to reveal contamination, fractures, punctures, and other defects that accompany the aging of insulation. The test set comprises of a control unit, a high-voltage unit, cables, and canvas carrying bags.

Tests are made by measuring the capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) of a specimen. The values measured will change when undesirable conditions exist, such as moisture on or in the insulation; presence of conductive contaminants in insulating oil, gas or solids; presence of internal partial discharges etc.

The test set measures insulation properties in high-voltage power equipment such as transformers, bushings, rotating machines, cables, circuit breakers, capacitors, surge (lightning) arresters etc. In addition, the test set can also measure transformer excitation current and transformer turns ratio (with optional TTR capacitor).

The DELTA4000 Series is designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus such as:

  • Transformers
  • Bushings
  • Circuit breakers
  • Cables
  • Lightning arresters
  • Rotating machinery

The test set is designed to provide a comprehensive AC insulation diagnostic test. The high power variable frequency design generates its own test signal independent of line frequency quality and the hardware design uses the latest technology available for digital filtering of the response signal. As a result, the DELTA4000 Series produces reliable results and stable readings, in the shortest time with the highest accuracy, even in high interference substations.

The DELTA4000 Series operates with PowerDB software for automatic testing and reporting or with Delta Control software for real-time manual testing.

Measurements include voltage, current, power (loss), tan delta, inductance, power factor and capacitance. The test results are automatically stored in the computer and can also be downloaded directly to USB storage or a printer.


Megger DELTA Key Features:

Performance / Benefits

  • Generates its own test signal resulting in accurate and clean measurements
  • High noise suppression and advanced signal acquisition circuitry
  • Patented Individual Temperature Correction (ITC) allows the user to estimate the actual temperature dependence of the test object

Wide frequency range test output (1-500Hz)

  • Ability to perform wide range DFR for diagnostic (1-500Hz) testing
  • Allows testing of large capacitive specimens as well as ITC
  • Easier to test and lighter weight solution for large capacitive specimen testing


Megger DELTA designed for your terrain!

For substations and related environments where terrain is rough and you are required move to various testing locations. Megger offers a collapsible trolley/cart equipped with a sturdy, wide handle for comfortable steering and control. The DELTA 4000 can be setup on the cart for easy testing and allows for convenient movement throughout the testing area.


▶ Video: Megger DELTA Insulation Diagnostic Tester

Thumbnail for the Megger DELTA Insulation Diagnostic Tester video


New HV Cable for use with DELTA / TRAX series:

Quick Connect - Quality test connections improve the reliability of test results. Megger‘s new high voltage test cable addresses the challenges that are typically encountered when testing various assets to eliminate doubt from your testing conclusions:


New High Voltage Cable for use with DELTA


The Various Models of the Megger DELTA:

  • DELTA 4110 test set is to be used with an external computer (not included).  Consists of: DELTA4100 control unit and DELTA4010 high-voltage unit.
  • DELTA 4310 test set with onboard computer. Consists of: a touch-display interface, PowerDB software, plus printer. Allows connection to and control of MWA300, TTR300/310E, MTO300, MLR10 and insulation resistance instruments.


Comparison Chart for: Megger DELTA 4110 Insulation Diagnostic System

Input power100-240 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz, 16 A max
Output voltage0 to 12 kV
Test frequency range1 to 500 Hz
Output power3.6 kVA
Output current300 mA (instantaneous)
Weight14 kg + 22 kg = 36 kg
Measuring ranges
Capatiance0 to 100 uF
Inductance6H to 10 MH
Watt loss0 to 2000 W
Capacitance±(0.5% of reading + 1 pF)
PF & DF±(0.5% of reading + 0.02%)
Product Downloads


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1002-455 Adapter it for DELTA4000 and competitor's resonating inductor price on request
1004-639 External strobe extension cable (60ft) (was 1001-853) £735.00 ADD
1005-521 Thermal Pentax® printer for Onboard version 240v price on request
2005-115 Transit Case for DELTA/MWA/MTO plus leads (NB 2 required for DELTA4000) £850.00 ADD
36610 HV TTR capacitor single phase (10 nF 10 kV) price on request
36610-1 HV Reference Capacitor (100 pF 10 kV) price on request
36610-2 HV Reference Capacitor (1000 pF 10 kV) price on request
36610-CC Carry Case for Capacitors price on request
36610-Kit2 Capacitor Kit (TTR cap 2 ref caps carry case) price on request
670500-1 Calibration standard price on request
670501 Accessory kit: mini bushing tap connectors [2] hot collar straps [3] temperature/humidity meter [1] .75 bushing tap connector [1] 1 bushing tap connector [1] J probe bushing tap connector [1] 3-ft non-insulating shorting lead [3] 6-ft noninsulating shorting lead [3] price on request
670506 Bushing Tap Connectors [2] price on request
670635 Transit Cases for Calibration Standard (heavy-duty foam-padded) price on request
2002-134 Ground Lead Cable; 1m (3ft) price on request