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TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System replaces the need for multiple test sets & is suitable for the transformer manufacturer as well as the travelling service engineer - The TRAX 220 offers light weight flight case (32 kg) option.

Part Number:
A J -19390

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Megger TRAX Transformer / Substation Test System

Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System has been designed to maintain substations and measure the vital signs of current and voltage transformers, plus offers data handling and reporting.  TRAX applications range from power transformers, where it offers several unique and outstanding features, to instrument transformers, circuit breakers and many other substation components.

Power transformers are among the most expensive parts of the electrical network. Testing a power transformer is important in order to correctly assess the condition of the unit and to detect incipient faults at an early stage. The objective is to ensure safe operation and minimise the risk of outages. With a careful asset management program, it will be possible to extend the life of the power transformer while maintaining reliability.


Megger TRAX - All In One Box!

TRAX is not just another multi-functional test instrument, but rather many intelligent instruments built into one box. It also adds several common substation testing functionalities, and ultimately replaces numerous individual testing devices. The software includes a number of apps, making it fast and easy to perform a large range of different tests. The hardware offers unmatched flexibility and the range of cables and accessories adds even more flexibility, making the TRAX an efficient and time saving system.

▶ Video: Overview of The Megger TRAX

Video thumbnail for the Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger TRAX Key Features / Applications:

  • State-of-the-art winding resistance and tap-changer testing
  • 100 A/50 V compliance
  • Adaptive demagnetisation
  • Tap-changer control
  • Dynamic resistance measurements
  • High-voltage ratio measurement (250 V and 2200 V output)
  • Switchbox for 3-phase/6-winding measurements (option)
  • 12 kV tan delta (power factor) and capacitance testing (option)
  • Individual temperature correction (ITC)
  • Automatic voltage dependence detection (VDD)
  • CT and VT testing
  • 3-phase circuit-breaker analyser
    • Main and resistor contacts
  • Phase-angle meter (manual)
  • Ground (earth) impedance testing (manual)
  • Contact resistance
  • Line impedance/K-factor
  • 4-channel power multimeter
  • Oscilloscope

New HV Cable for use with TRAX / DELTA series:

Quick Connect - Quality test connections improve the reliability of test results. Megger‘s new high voltage test cable addresses the challenges that are typically encountered when testing various assets to eliminate doubt from your testing conclusions:

New High Voltage Cable for use with DELTA


Technical Specification for: Megger TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System

TRAX 219TRAX 220TRAX 280
200 A AC current output
800 A AC current output
SW: Manual Control
No internal screen, remote control only
With internal touch screen
SW: Manual Control and Standard Transformer pack-age with the following apps
Winding resistance with OLTC continuity
Turns ratio
Excitation current
Short-circuit impedance (leakage reactance)
Weight with flight caseN/A32kgN/A