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TTRU3 True 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratiometer

Megger TTRU3 True 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratiometer is an important tool for determining the mechanical condition of transformers. All ratio tests are performed in one instrument, with only one 3Ø lead-set connection, including 3Ø step up turns ratio testing.

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NEW Megger TTRU3 True 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratiometer - Transformer Testing

The Megger TTRU3 uses a revolutionary design to perform a complete series of measurements on a transformer. The 3Ø voltage output offers numerous advantages to testing with today’s busy schedules.

Measuring transformer turns ratio has long been an essential test for transformers; TTRU3 is designed to be portable and dependable in even harsh field-testing environments, at only 7kg it‘s both tough and lightweight. The unit comes complete with durable flexible leads for fast, safe and easy connection to any sized transformer built today.

Its 7 inch touchscreen is easy to see in both dark and full sun conditions (operates down to negative 20 °C). The display uses large icons guiding the operator to test any type of transformer, and at under 10 seconds per test you‘ll have more time in your busy day to manage other important things. The unit comes complete with a remote control which can be operated from your PC, as well as the ability to download results to a USB memory device.

The most impressive part of the TTRU3 is its accuracy; Megger‘s three-phase source gives results that you can trust and the collected data is easily saved or printed for convenient reporting.

▶ Video: Overview of The Megger TTRU3

Video thumbnail for the Megger TTRU3 True 3 Phase Transformer

Megger TTRU3 Key Features:

  • Simple to use, only a quick guide is needed to begin testing
  • 3Ø step up ratio (patent pending)
  • 3Ø test voltage - up to 250V
  • Fast 3Ø tests - less than 10 second
  • Guaranteed accuracy ±0.05% from -20°C to +50°C
  • Phase shifting and zig-zag transformers, tested easily and accurately
  • Confirm expected nameplate vector configuration
  • Ability to measure actual vs expected phase shift
  • Unique kelvin clamps with adjustable 3-inch jaw
  • Banana plug input for connection to terminal blocks
  • Turns ratio % error vs nameplate with pass/fail
  • PC interface via USB for remote control operation and downloading of test results
  • Smallest/lightest 3Ø test set on the market

Megger TTRU3 - Safe Testing with Confidence

  • All with one instrument and 3Ø lead-set connection!
  • Ratio - 3Ø Step Up testing for power transformers
  • Phase shift & phase deviation
  • Polarity
  • Magnetic balance/flux distribution
  • Excitation current characteristics
  • Auto vector detection/recognition

Typical problems found using the TTRU3:

  • Loose connections
  • Turn-to-turn shorts
  • Broken Strands
  • Winding deformation
  • Tap changer contact problems
  • Core problems


Technical Specification for: Megger TTRU3 True 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratiometer

Max Turns Ratio50,000 Down / 200 Up50,000 Down / 200 Up50,000 Down / 100 Up
Max Induced Voltage250 V250 V125 V
Ø Shifting TX’s Measurementup to 50,000 records and 2,000 photosup to 10,000 recordsup to 2,000 records
Magnetic BalanceOptionalOptional
Power DB ControlOptionalOptional
Clone facility to set up multiple testersOptionalOptional