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RD8100 Precision Cable Locator

Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Cable Locator is engineered to deliver optimum precision for damage prevention. With faster boot-up & improved weather projection.

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Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Cable Locator

This product is now obsolete. To find out more about the RD8200 (the model which has superseded the RD8100) CLICK HERE.

Getting more from your RD8100:

  • Customise the locator to your network frequencies
  • Accurate surveying with integrated or external GPS
  • Fault Find
  • RD Manager PC Software
  • Passive Avoidance
  • 90V Transmitter Output
  • Multimeter Function

▶ Video: An Overview Of The Radiodetection RD8100

Video thumbnail for the Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Cable Locator

The RD8100 is Radiodetection’s most advanced locator range and builds on over 40 years of experience to deliver performance quality and durability, containing a unique arrangement of five custom manufactured precision ground antennas it allows you to choose the optimum level of precision for the job at hand.

The RD8100 has a faster boot up speed than the RD8000 and has an IP65 rating for improved weather protection. The shock resistant ingress protected casing protects against knocks, drops, dust and water. Additionally a lithium-ion rechargeable battery option is available for the receiver providing greater ease of use.

Guidance Mode is a standard feature on the RD8100. It’s useful for rapidly following the path of a buried utility through a congested or complex area. It is also useful for checking the general direction of utilities as part of a pre-locating sweep. It features rapid response with a target ‘needle‘ and proportional guidance arrows. Peak Plus Mode helps the operator find the peak response quickly and accurately; it combines the accuracy of peak locating with the rapid ground coverage of guidance arrows. 

Tracing individual power lines through a congested area can be a challenge; inflicting or powerful signals confuse or combine to create a wash of signal.  Using the Power Filters Feature a single key press on the locator allows you to locate on five individual power harmonics of the power signals to establish if a signal is coming from one source or from multiple cables which can then be traced and marked.

The RD8100 has current direction which allows you to identify your target line amongst a number of parallel utilities; this is done by applying a specialised CD signal (current direction) from the TX transmitter. To reset CD press and hold the frequency button.  CD arrow is displayed on the locator to confirm you are tracing your target (CD is available on the RD8100 PDL and PTL models only).

4 kHz frequency enables lines such as a twisted pair of telecoms or street lighting to be traced over longer distances. Since utilities are often found in areas of dense infrastructure you can combine 4 kHz with current direction to improve trace accuracy. Simultaneous depth and current measurements display on the RD8100 when the compass is in line with the utility giving you confidence the correct line is being followed.

iLOC is an advanced Bluetooth link between the RD8100 locator and transmitter which allows you to control the locate signals power and frequency from up to 1,400 feet. Less time walking and more time locating!


GPS equipped RD8100 locators automatically log key locate parameters every second providing a comprehensive picture of individual locates, or allowing you to access usage patterns over periods of a year, or more! The data generated can be used to ensure compliance with best practice or to identify training needs before for work habits develop. Additionally, the information can be used for internal audits or shared with partners or clients to evidence task completion, or compliance with service requirements.

Usage data can be exported in multiple file formats for example KML or Google map to confirm where and when work was performed.

Click here for GPS versions


Finally the RD8100 features a Self-Test you can conduct in the field.  The integrity of the measurement system can be confirmed on site like running a Self-Test which applies signals to the locating circuitry, as well as checking display and power functions.


Radiodetection RD8100 Key Features:

  • Hardware for your environment:
    • Lightweight and ergonomic
    • High visibility reflective design helps protect operators and equipment
    • Foldaway RF Marker Antenna - Allows line location, marker location or both together
    • High-contrast screen provides clarity even in bright sunlight
    • IP65 - Shock resistant, ingress protected casing protects against knocks, drops, water and dust
    • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery options - extend runtime / reduce running costs
  • 5 extra frequencies to customise signals found on your network
  • Survey measurements with Bluetooth Connectivity - Store up to 1000 records and send wirelessly
  • GPS and usage-logging
  • iLOC - Control your transmitter from distances of up to 1400 feet / 450 meters.
  • Detect all commonly used RF utilities markers with automatic depth estimation
  • Combined Mode scans simultaneously for cables, pipes and RF markers
  • Current direction helps identify the target amongst  a number of parallel utilities
  • Simultaneous depth and current readings, enabling faster surveys
  • Power Filters pinpoint and discriminate between multiple power cables by exploiting their harmonic properties
  • USB connectivity to quickly retrieve internal logs or to perform setup, validate or upgrade operations using the RD Manager PC software

Radiodetection RD8100 App:

  • RD Map app Create detailed maps of buried utilities in real-time

▶ Video: Setting Up Your Locator

Video thumbnail for the Radiodetection RD8100 - Setting Up Your Locator

▶ Video: Adjusting power on your RD8100 with TX-10

Video thumbnail for Radiodetection‘s TX-10 Signal Transmitter


Comparison Chart for: Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Cable Locator

Locate Frequencies16161721211818242425
Active Locate Modes5555555555
RF Utility Marker Frequencies9999
Combined locate mode‡
Sonde Frequencies4444444444
Passive Modes2235555555
On-board GPS
Power Filters
4 kHz4k+CD4k+CD4k+CD4k+CD4k+CD4k+CD4k+CD
Current Direction
Fault Find
Depth in Power
Passive Avoidance
iLOC / RD Map
Lithium-Ion BatteryOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
3 year warranty on registration*
_ Available but disabled by default


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
02/SU0339 Plastic or Cane Rod Connector Male £43.00 ADD
02/SU0341 Wards Rod Connector 3/4 inch (19mm) x 10 BSW Female £43.00 ADD
02/SU0342 Wards Rod Connector 1/2 (13mm) x 12 BSW Female £43.00 ADD
02/SU0676 Lockfast Connector 3/4 inch (19mm) x 10 BSW £43.00 ADD
10/FLEXRODF120-9 9mm 120m Flexrod £1,521.00 ADD
10/FLEXRODF60-9 9mm 60m Flexrod £1,011.00 ADD
10/LOCATORBAG Accessory Soft Carry Bag £128.00 ADD
10/RD7K8KCASE Hard Case £515.00 ADD
10/RD7K8KECAL eCAL Calibration Certificate Verification Key £127.00 ADD
10/RX-AFRAME A Frame £571.00 ADD
10/RX-AFRAME-BAG A Frame Bag £153.00 ADD
10/RX-CD-CLAMP CD Receiver Clamp £842.00 ADD
10/RX-CD-STETHOSCOPE CD Stethoscope £597.00 ADD
10/RX-CLAMP-100 Accessory 4 inch (100mm) Receiver Clamp £326.00 ADD
10/RX-CLAMP-130 5 inch (130mm) Receiver Clamp £423.00 ADD
10/RX-CLAMP-50 2 inch (50mm) Receiver Clamp £326.00 ADD
10/RX-HEADPHONES Headphones £64.00 ADD
10/RX-STETHOSCOPE-HG High Gain Stethoscope £350.00 ADD
10/RX-STETHOSCOPE-L Large Stethoscope £364.00 ADD
10/RX-STETHOSCOPE-S Small Stethoscope £291.00 ADD
10/RX-SUBANTENNA-640 640/512Hz Submersible DD Antenna (10m Cable) £3,971.00 ADD
10/RX-SUBANTENNA-8K 8kHz Submersible DD Antenna (10m Cable) £3,971.00 ADD
10/RX-SUBANTENNA-CABLE Additional Submersible Cable Length (Per Metre) £49.00 ADD
10/SONDE-S18A-33 S18A Sonde 33kHz £536.00 ADD
10/SONDE-S18B-33 S18B Sonde 33kHz £487.00 ADD
10/SONDE-SEWER-33 Sewer Sonde 33kHz Depth 8m £539.00 ADD
10/SONDE-STD-33 Standard Sonde 33kHz Depth 5m £412.00 ADD
10/SONDE-STD-512 512Hz Sonde £491.00 ADD
10/SONDE-STD-8 8kHz Sonde £380.00 ADD
10/SONDE-SUPER-33 Super Sonde 33kHz Depth 15m £713.00 ADD
10/SU0335 Spring Coupling M10 Male £106.00 ADD
10/SONDE-SEWER-SHELL External Shell for heavy-duty Applications (Diameter as Sewer Sonde) £155.00 ADD
10/RX-MBATPACK-NIMH-K NiMH rechargeable battery mains kit £284.00 ADD
10/CALCERT Locator Calibration Certificate; per unit £40.00 ADD
10/ECERT-RD71/RD81 eCert Calibration Credit for RD8100 locator and RD7000+/RD8000 marker locator models £109.00 ADD