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MFT1735 Multifunction Tester

Megger MFT1735 tests LV electrical installations to BS 7671, providing all tests to complete electrical certification for industrial, commercial & domestic fixed wiring installations. Boasting a range of earth electrode tests for those working on TT installations, vehicle charging point installations & verifying the earthing performance of lightning protection systems.

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Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Installation Tester with Bluetooth

The Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Installation Tester has been designed to test low voltage electrical installations to BS 7671.  It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

With IEC 61010 CAT IV 300 V rating for connection to low voltage systems with no protective device, so safe for connection anywhere on the system up to the source transformer without risk of damage from large transient spikes.  The MFT1735 casing allows it to be operated while stood on the floor, a ladder-shelf or platform, hung around the neck or hand-held. Dual TEST and LOCK buttons – one pair at each end – make the testers easy to operate with either the left or right hand.  Quick to pick up and use, the rotary controls are colour coded to make range selection easy and fast.  They also reduce the chance of using the wrong function or range.  The large crystal clear backlit display uses the patented Megger digital/analogue arc, providing indication of fluctuating readings while the dual digital readout shows precise values of key measurements simultaneously with the test parameters, such as the output voltage on insulation testing as well as the resistance value in MΩ.

Megger 1735 Key Features:

  • Simple colour-coded test selection and large clear backlit display for ease of use
  • Two and three wire non-trip loop testing for RCD protected circuits
  • Internal memory and Bluetooth communications
  • Type-B RCD and 3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications with no Earth
  • 3-terminal earth test and stakeless testing for spike resistance measurement
    • Supplied with a 3-wire earth test kit, however optional accessories are required for the ART and stakeless techniques
  • EN61010 CATIV safety ratings and tough IP54 case

Megger 1735 Applications:

  • System voltage and frequency measurement (TRMS)
  • Insulation test at 100 V*, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V
    • Including input protection against live circuits up to 600 V even when insulation test is locked-on
  • Continuity resistance at 200 mA or 15 mA
    • Automatic – no need to press TEST so leaving both hands free to hold probes
  • Resistance range up to 100 kΩ
    • With fast continuity buzzer and selectable thresholds
  • Non-trip loop test
  • Earth loop test
  • 2 and 3 wire non-trip range
  • 2 wire Hi current including phase to phase
  • Prospective fault current measurement
  • Up to 20 kA
  • RCD testing including:
  • Type AC, A, S, B* and programmable RCDs
  • 1/2 x I, 1 x I and 5 x I3-phase RCDs
  • Fast ramp test
  • Auto-test routine
  • Fault (Touch) voltage display
  • Earth testing
    • 2-pole
    • 3-pole
    • ART
    • Stakeless techniques

* Reference conditions apply.

What comes with the Megger 1735?

  • Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Installation Tester
  • Printed Quickstart Guide
  • Full User Guide on CD
  • Switched Probe SP5
  • Neck Strap - Megger embroidered
  • 3-wire leadset with prods and clips
  • UK mains lead SIA10
  • Battery Charger
  • Earth Spike Test Kit


Technical Specification for: Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Tester

Insulation Test
Output Voltage-0% + 20% at rated load or less
Voltage Display±3% ±3 digits ±0.5% of rated voltage
Short Circuit Current1.5mA nominal test current
Test Current On Load1mA at min pass values of insulation
Insulation Measurement Accuracy
1000V10kΩ - 999MΩ: ±3% ± 2 digits
10kΩ - 500MΩ: ±3% ± 2 digits
>500MΩ: ±10% ± 4 digits
250V10kΩ - 250MΩ: ±3% ± 2 digits
>250MΩ: ±10% ± 4 digits 
100V10kΩ - 100MΩ: ±3% ± 2 digits
>100MΩ: ±10% ± 4 digits
Range/Accuracy0.01Ω - 99.9Ω: ±2% ± 2 digits
100Ω - 99.9kΩ: ±5% ± 2 digits
Open Circuit Voltage5V ± 1V
Test Current (0-2Ω)205mA ± 5mA
15mA ± 5mA (user-selectable)
Loop Test
Live To Earth Supply48V - 280V (45Hz - 65Hz)
Live To Live Supply48V - 500V (45Hz - 65Hz)
L-N/L-L Tests±5% ± 3 digits
L-E Testing0.1 - 39.9Ω: ±5% ± 5 digits ± noise margin
40Ω - 999Ω: ±10% ± 5 digits
Display Range0.01Ω - 999Ω
Live To Earth PFC Range20kA
Live To Live PSCC Range20kA
RCD Tests
Supply Up To 100mA48V - 480V (45Hz - 65Hz)
Supply Up To 1A48V - 280V
RCD TypesType AC, A, S
Type B (Pure DC)
No Trip Test (1/2xI)-0.1
Trip Test (1 x I and 5 x I)-0.1
Ramp Test Touch Voltage (0-253V)±5% ±15% ±0.5v
Trip Time±1% ±1ms
Trip Current±3%
Step Increments10mA - 50mA (1mA Steps)
VAR (Variable RCD Selection)50mA - 500mA (5mA Steps)
500mA - 1000mA (10mA steps)
Supply Measurements
Voltage10V - 600V (15 - 400Hz) True RMS
±3% ± 1V ± 2 digits
Phase Rotation IndicationL1-L2-L3 & L1-L3-L2
Frequency15Hz - 99Hz: ±0.5% ± 1 digit
100Hz - 400Hz: ± 2.0% ± 2 digits
Frequency Resolution0.1Hz
Supply Type1.2V NiMH (6 x rechargeable cells supplied)
Mains charger for on-board recharging (4 hours typical)
12V car charger (cigar lighter lead - optional)
Earth Test
Current0.45mA or 4.5mA
Noise Rejection20V pk/pk (7V RMS)
Max Probe Resistance (Rp & Rc)100kΩ @ 50V
5kΩ @ 25V
2 & 3 Pole Method (0.01Ω - 1.999kΩ)±2.0% ± 3 digits
ART Method (1.00Ω - 1.999kΩ)±5.0% ± 3 digits
Stakeless Method (1.00Ω - 199Ω)±7.0% ± 3 digits
Current (Via Optional Clamp Meter)
Range0.1mA to 200A AC
Accuracy±5.0% ± 3 digits
mV Sensor Input
Range0.0mV to ± 199.9mV DC
Accuracy±1.0% ± 2 digits
Internal Memory
Capacity1000 results
Design Standards
SafetyIEC 61010-1: 2010
IEC 61010-30: 2010
IEC 61010-031: 2008
600V CAT III / 300V CAT IV (Max Phase to Phase 600V)
IEC 61557:2007 Parts 1 to 10
ClassificationIEC61326 edition 2 location class B
Temperature (Operational)-10 to 55°C
Temperature (Storage)-25 to 70°C
Operating Humidity90% RH at 40°C max
Max Altitude2000m
Weight1kg (with batteries, excluding case)
Dimensions150mm H x 85mm W x 23mm D
Calibration Temperature+20°C
Temperature Effects
Temperature Coefficient<0.1% per °C
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Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1001-810 Earth Test Spike Kit (Electrode kit) £74.00 ADD
1001-975b Test Lead Set Red/Blue/Green Fused F10A 50kA (Boxed) £71.00 ADD
1001-991b Test Lead Red/Green/Blue Unfused Red/Blue Lg Tip (Boxed) £60.00 ADD
1002-491B Boxed Red, Blue and Green Probes & Clips (MFT/LOOP) (Boxed) £38.00 ADD
1002-735 Battery NIMH (X6) spare - MFT17/18 £45.00 ADD
1002-736 Charger power supply spare - MFT17/18 £38.00 ADD
1004-183 DC CAR CHARGER 2.5mm PIN (ACCS) £24.00 ADD
1004-319 Blow Moulded Case MFT1700/MFT1800 Series £36.00 ADD
1004-323b SIA10 Interface Adaptor UK 3-Lead (Boxed) £39.00 ADD
1004-326 Instrument/Document Carry Case £63.00 ADD
1006-408 Test and Carry Pouch £57.00 ADD
1007-003 Blow Moulded Case Catch (Pack of 10) £19.00 ADD
1007-157b Remote Switched probe SP5 CAT IV 600 (Boxed) £69.00 ADD
1007-161 Carry Strap MFT1700 Series £14.00 ADD