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Chauvin Arnoux
PEL106 Power Energy Logger

Chauvin Arnoux PEL106 Power Logger measures & records all the useful data for energy consumption diagnostics. Can be used without cutting off the mains power supply.

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Chauvin Arnoux PEL106 Power Energy Logger

Featuring an extended range of communication options, the PEL106 is the latest addition to Chauvin Arnoux’s popular range of Power Energy Loggers (PELs).   Perfect for load studies, energy usage analysis and energy surveys, and helps users comply with the energy audit requirements of ISO 50001 and EN 16247-3.

To aids remote monitoring in real-time and to provide remote access to data logs, the PEL106 includes wi-fi connectivity and also supports connection to the GRPS and 3G mobile phone networks. To take advantage of this feature, the user simply needs to provide the PEL with a standard mobile phone SIM card.

IRDS connectivity, for access behind firewalls on private IP addresses, is also supported.

The PEL106 offers a IP67 ingress protection rating and outstanding resistance to the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Measure record and calculate a wide range of parameters including voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase angles and total harmonic distortion for voltages and currents, including the neutral current.

  • 4 voltage channels
  • 4 current channels

The PEL106 can also acquire data from up to 8 analogue inputs, such as pressure, temperature and motor torque, when used in conjunction with L452 data logger modules.  The instruments can be powered from a mains supply, from internal batteries or, with the aid of an optional accessory, from the supply system that is being monitored.


PEL106 Key Features:

  • Communication via Wifi, 3G-UMTS/GPRS, LAN (Ethernet), Bluetooth and USB
    • New 3G/GPRS mode - insert a SIM card for remote connection via a GSM (when an alarm is triggered, users can automatically receive an email alert)
    • Measurements can be viewed via an IRD server
  • Self-powered via its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V
  • Continuous recording with an interval of 200 ms between measurements
  • Measurements as per the IEEE 1459 standard
  • 4 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs
  • Active, apparent and reactive power values
  • Phase: cos phi, tan PHI, PF
  • THD Harmonics
  • Ideal for installation on electricity poles
  • LCD screen with backlighting
    • Quadruple digital display is particularly easy to read
  • Equipped with an SD/SD-HC card for backup of the data from several months or 11 years
  • IP67 all-terrain casing resistant to shock, UV light and high temperatures (IP67 lid closed, IP54 lid open)


PEL106 Measurements:

Suitable for all types of electrical networks:

The PEL106 automatically recognises the sensors connected.  It measures voltage up 1,000 VAC/VDC and current up to 10 kVAC / 5 kVDC.  Its wide measurement ranges enable it to record power values up to 10 GW/Gvar/GVA, and energy up to 4 EWh/EVAh/Evarh. 

It is equipped with an Alarm mode - the user can define limits and a list of events is recorded.

Analogue measurements:

When used with remote L452 loggers, the PEL106 can recording external parameters such as the temperature, pressure, engine torque, etc; thus refine the analysis if you‘re troubleshooting malfunctions, for example.  This function on the PEL106 is ideal for applications involving new energies such as wind (electrical energy linked to the strength of the wind).


The PEL Transfer Software can be used to analyse the data recorded with the PEL100 models. On the basis of the power measurement campaigns performed, the software automatically provides a breakdown of the losses detected.

New: the software directly calculates the cost of the power consumed and gives the result in the local currency selected.

The DATAVIEW Software platform can be used to generate reports.  Users can set alarm thresholds on the various measurements made in order to obtain a customised measurement report.


What comes with the Chauvin Arnoux PEL106?

  • PEL 106 Power Energy Logger
  • Bag (for the accessories)
  • 5 x IP67 voltage cables
  • 5 x lockable crocodile clips, 
  • Set of rings/inserts
  • PC software (PEL Transfer)
  • SD card, SD -USB adapter, USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide



Comparison Chart for: Chauvin Arnoux PEL106 Power Energy Logger

Number of Channels4V & 3A with calculated neutral current4V & 3A with calculated neutral current4V & 3A with calculated neutral current5V & 4A
Acquisition speed1s1s200ms200ms
Calculated PowersP, Q & SP, Q & SP, N, S, Q1 & DP, N, S, Q1 & D
Total or partial energy
Display by quadrants
Energy cost calculation
Energy lost calculation
Motor rotation speed
Motor torque
Motor efficiency
Bluetooth, Ethernet & USB
Alarms / Reports by email
Max. SD card memory32Gb32Gb32Gb32Gb
Self powering adaptorOptionalOptionalIncludedBuilt in
External analogue inputs8 using L4528 using L452
Ingress protectionIP54IP54IP54IP67
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