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Megger Seba
LCI 440-VS-1 LCI SET Live Cable identifier (Cables up to 440V)

Megger Seba LCI 440-VS-1 Live Cable Identifier Kit for live cables up to 440V.

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Megger Seba LCI Cable Identification Set (Live Cables up to 440V)

LCI 440 SET Live Cable identification Set to 440V with twisted field sensor.

Please select: 250mm or 150mm flexible coupling clamp.

LCI 440-VS-1 Live Cable Identifier Kit for Live Cables up to 440V

Selection between two phases, and in TT and IT systems

For the selection between phases and with the twisted field method there is the LCI TX 440, which can be connected directly between two phases of a low voltage distribution.  The selection generator LCI TX 440 is connected between two phases up to 440 V.  The requirement is a current flow through the feeding transformer.  With the twisted field sensor TFS CI, the required phase is then directly detected through the outer sheath.  For an even safer selection, this system provides the possibility of using the Flex Coupler to select the correct cable first and then to confirm this additionally by using the twist field sensor to verify the specific phase in the cable.  In this case the cable can be opened at the outer sheath, and the phase can be exposed before cutting or working on it.  Especially for unmarked phases as they exist in PILC or similar, this procedure is very helpful.


Technical Specification for: Megger Seba LCI 440-VS-1 LCI SET Live Cable identifier (Cables up to 440V)

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820010916 CITX Identification generator £1,348.00 ADD
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820011614 VLLCI Set of cables £287.37 ADD
820011615 VLCI-LCI Set of cables £424.36 ADD
820013106 AZF150-CI Flexible coupling clamp 130 mm 1 5 m £805.00 ADD
820013107 AZF250-CI Flexible coupling clamp 230mm £805.00 ADD
820014535 PASCI Phase identification sensor for CI £350.00 ADD
820024979 TFSCI Twisted field sensor for cable identifier £350.00 ADD
820025001 LCI TX-440 Live Cable Indentifier 440 V £2,165.00 ADD
820025035 VL LCI-440 Set of cables £199.82 ADD
820025178 MK55 NH Test Adapter short contact arm for LCI TX/PSV 100 £116.00 ADD
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820025037 Set of cables for CI + LCI 440 V £549.00 ADD
118304682 MK37 £90.00 ADD