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SPCCS80SI Power Cables Spiking; Cutting Tool

Fameca SPCCS80SI electro-hydraulic safety Spiker and cutter for LV power cables, tripolar HV cables & unipolar HV cables.

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Fameca SPCCS80SI Power Cables Spiking and Cutting Tool

Ultra-safe integrated electrohydraulic cable cutters without hydraulic hose, remotely controlled, to check the absence of voltage on underground power cables. Use on the following cables:

What size cables can I cut with Fameca cable cutter


Fameca SPCCS80SI Key Features:

  • Electro-hydraulic safety and cutter for LV power cables and unipolar HV cables
  • Safety power cable cutter to check absence of voltage on underground cables
  • Maximum transited short circuit current (Ph G) 9 kA/ 1 s or 13 kA/ 0 5 s
  • Remote controlled from a distance up to 25 m to protect the user and third parties from the effects of a live cut (remoted controlled via Android app on smartphones)
  • Standard battery 18 V 2 Ah protected with steel protector
  • Rugged and light, hardened steel blades
  • Compact integrated electro-hydraulic unit with automatic double speeds (fast approach work)
  • Eliminates the risks of injuries due to hydraulic hose punctures and saves on related maintenance costs
  • The pick creates a phase to earth fault on one of the 3 phases cut simultaneously
  • Avoids short circuits between phases generating more damage to the installations (for HV cables)
  • Eliminates the need for cartridge powered or manual cable spikers prior to the cutting operation
  • Rugged carry bag with a storage pocket


What comes with the Fameca SPCCS80SI:

  • 1 x Hydraulic tool
  • 1 x Steel battery protector
  • 1 x Earthing stake
  • 1 x 2 m Aluminium earthing cable 50 mm²
  • 1 x Clamping vice
  • 1 x Remote controller
  • 2 x 2 Ah Li-Ion batteries
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x Carry bag
  • 1 x User‘s manual
  • 1 x Technical guide


Comparison Chart for: Fameca SPCCS80SI Power Cables Spiking; Cutting Tool

Characteristics of cables to be cut:
Copper conductors
Aluminum conductors
Round wire armour (diameter)4mm
Flat wire armour (thickness)24mm1mm
Strip armour (thickness)24mm1mm
Fault following network protection:
FusesThree-phase faultThree-phase faultThree-phase fault
Circuit breakerSingle phase fault on one phaseSingle phase fault on one phaseSingle phase fault
Earthing cables:
SCI 18kA/1s - 25kA/0.5s (section mm2)70Cu70Cu
SCI 7.5kA 1s or 10.5kA 0.5s (section mm2)50 AI 2m
SCI 9kA 1s or 13kA 0.5s (section mm2)35 Cu 3m
Cutting head:
Maximum cutting diameter (mm)10014080
Weight without earthing cable (kg)14204.5
Dimensions (mm)625 x 165 x 328678 x 188 x 320678 x 188 x 320
Cutting blade hardness (Hrc)555555
Anti-corrosion treatment of the bladesZinc platingZinc platingOil hardened
Replaceable pick
Pick hardness (Hrc)6255
Cutting force (ton)13217.5
Integrated electro-hydraulic pump:
Hydraulic pressure (bar)700700700
Interchangeable battery (BOSCH)24v 3Ah24v 3Ah18v 2Ah
Blade reopeningLever & spring returnSelector & hydraulic returnDecompression button & spring return
Oil volume (ml)30030048
Remote control:
Indicative transmission distance / battery100m / 1.5V AAA100m / 1.5V AAA25m / CR2032
Radio frequencyRadio 868 MhzRadio 868 MhzBluetooth 2.4 GHz (Smartphone possible - App Android)
Indicator lights (flashing / fixed)Green led (cutting in progress / end of cut)Green led (cutting in progress / end of cut)Left green LED (cut indication)
Yellow Led (transmission ok / -)Yellow Led (transmission ok / -)Right green LED (connexion status with tool)
Red Led (- / problem on tool see manual)Red Led (- / problem on tool see manual)
Packaging / miscellaneous:
Total weight in soft case (kg)28349.5
Dimensions in soft case (mm)670 x 180 x 340670 x 180 x 340750 x 150 x 190
Total weight in rigid case (kg)3542
Dimensions in rigid case (mm)687 x 528 x 376687 x 528 x 376
Operating temperature (°C)-20/50-20/50-20/50
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