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Socket & See
TB118 Essential Kit; Safe isolation Gas Engineer’s Electrical Test Kit

Socket & See TB118 Essentials Kit contain all the equipment a gas engineer needs to safely comply with Technical Bulletin 118 (safe electrical isolation of gas appliances).

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Socket & See TB118 Essentials Kit - The Gas Engineer‘s Electrical Safe isolation Kit

 An affordable entry level kit to help gas engineers comply with TB118 (Technical Bulletin 118).

It contains everything an engineer needs to carry out an earth loop impedance test, a ‘safe to touch‘ test, plus safely isolate, lock-off and prove the appliance is electrically dead.


TB118 Earth Fault Loop Impedance Testing With PDL234+

The Socket & See PDL234+ checks earth fault loop impedance.  Look familiar? This unit may look familiar to some ex British Gas engineers, as it‘s been a toolbox staple for many years!  A simple GO / NO GO tester with clear LED indication.   As opposed to an exact reading (offered by the DLM PRO), the PDL234+ indicates the range the measured value falls between - These ranges are:

< 1 (Ω) - Green LED indication
< 2 (Ω) - Green LED indication
< 100 (Ω) - Green LED indication
< 200 (Ω) – Green LED indication
> 200 (Ω) – Red LED indication


Simple Plug In and Test

The PDL234+ is exceptionally easy to use with no dials and just one button! This unit also checks correct socket wiring as well as mains voltage.


TB118 Safe To Touch Test

What is a safe to touch test?  This test checks for any hazardous voltages of 50V or above that may be present on the boiler casing or any extraneous metal work.

A simple sweep of the casing and metal work with the CAT IV rated Socket & See VVD PRO provides the engineer with physical (vibration) and visual warning of any voltage present between 50 – 1000V).  If no indication is given, then the engineer can assume the casing is safe to touch. 

REMEMBER: Your non-contact voltage detector must be proved on a KNOWN SOURCE before and after use.


TB118 Safe Isolation With Lock Out Tag Out

TB118 ensures the engineer is working as safely as possible, regarding the safe electrical isolation of gas appliances.  A part of this is ensuring the appliance is electrically dead before work is carried out.

Using the Socket & See VIP200 voltage indicator, the user can check for voltages between E-L / N-L and E-N.

The correct operation of the VIP200 must be proved on a known source before and after operation.  The Socket & See SP200 is included with this kit for this purpose.


The VIP200 also features handy phase indication and audible continuity functions, as well as a bright LED torch.  To prevent the electrical supply to the boiler from inadvertently being turn on, this kit includes 3 lock off devices:

(Each lock out device includes two warning tags which include space for the engineer’s details)


What comes with the TB118 Essentials Kit?


Technical Specification for: Socket & See TB118 Essential Kit; Safe isolation Gas Engineer’s Electrical Test Kit