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Chauvin Arnoux
PEL103 Power and Energy Data Logger

Use the Chauvin Arnoux PEL 103 to perform a comprehensive survey of your electrical installations. Ergonomic, magnetised & suitable for all types of cabinets providing all power & energy measurements simultaneously.

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Find out how the PEL 103 / 104 can perform for you over a week's period! Get hands-on for a week & find out how you can benefit from this impressive bit of kit!

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Chauvin Arnoux PEL 103 Magnetic Data Logger with Triple Digital Display

The PEL103 Power and Energy Logger has been designed for all electrical installations/types of cabinets and provides all the power and energy measurements simultaneously.

These measurements are performed with 3 current sensors and voltage inputs. They can be used to view all the electrical parameters and to take advantage of the measurement, energy metering and communication functions, offering users all the necessary measurements for successful energy efficiency projects and monitoring of your electricity distribution system.

The PEL100 family of energy meters makes it simple to add metering and measurement points in electrical cabinets where most of the space is already occupied. Because they are magnetic,  they can be set up very easily in any cabinet and do not cause any obstruction once the cabinet door is closed.


PEL103 Key Features:

  • Single-phase, split-phase and three-phase installations, with or without neutral
  • Installation without cutting off the mains power supply
  • Harmonic analysis up to the 50th order
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB Communication
  • Automatic recognition of the sensors connected
  • Recording on SD card and SD-HC Cards
  • Real-time communication with a PC and analysis with the PEL Transfer software


PEL103 Key Applications:

  • Monitoring and mapping consumption on a site
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Networking and centralised consumption management
    • Street-lighting network
    • Common-area lighting network
    • Common service network
    • General single-phase distribution network
    • Three-phase distribution network
  • Measuring the savings


PEL103 Functions:

  • RMS frequency, voltage and current
  • VA, W and var power values
  • VAh, Wh (source, load) and varh (4 quadrants) energy values, total energy
  • cos φ, tan φ and power factor (PF)
  • Crest  factor
  • THD calculated for currents and voltages
  • Harmonics up to the 50th order for currents and voltages
  • DC, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz measurements
  • RMS AC or AC+DC
  • Display on LCD screen
  • Recording of measurements and calculation results on SD card
  • Automatic recognition of the sensor type connected
  • Large number of network types: split-phase, three-phase with or without neutral, etc.
  • Bluetooth, ethernet and USB communication


What is the difference between the PEL102 and PEL103?

The PEL103 features a triple digital display whereas the PEL102 doesn‘t.


What comes with the PEL103 (P01157153)?

  • 4 measurement leads (straight banana / straight banana – 3 m long – black)
  • 4 crocodile clips (black)
  • 1 SD card (2 GB)
  • 1 set of rings and inserts (for ends of leads and current sensors)
  • 1 mains cable
  • 1 USB cable (Type A / Type B)
  • 1 operating manual (on CD)
  • 1 bag
  • 1 safety datasheet
  • PEL Transfer PC software
  • 1 quick start-up guide
  • 1 SD-USB adapter


The various models of the Chauvin Arnoux PEL103:

  • (P01157153) PEL103 Power and Energy Data Logger
  • (P01157151) PEL103 Power and Energy Data Logger Kit
    • Comes with the following extra accessories: 
    • 3 MA193 200mm Flexible Clamps
    • 2 Reeling Boxes - Keeping leads and CT’s tidy rather than getting tangled up when testing & being left tangled in the bottom of the kit bag.
    • 4 Magnetic Probes - For connecting voltage probes where clips & probes just won’t work!


Comparison Chart for: Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 Power and Energy Data Logger

Number of Channels4V & 3A with calculated neutral current4V & 3A with calculated neutral current4V & 3A with calculated neutral current5V & 4A
Acquisition speed1s1s200ms200ms
Calculated PowersP, Q & SP, Q & SP, N, S, Q1 & DP, N, S, Q1 & D
Total or partial energy
Display by quadrants
Energy cost calculation
Energy lost calculation
Motor rotation speed
Motor torque
Motor efficiency
Bluetooth, Ethernet & USB
Alarms / Reports by email
Max. SD card memory32Gb32Gb32Gb32Gb
Self powering adaptorOptionalOptionalIncludedBuilt in
External analogue inputs8 using L4528 using L452
Ingress protectionIP54IP54IP54IP67